Endo_Lee's goal_MF Fujimoto _Australia_AFC Asian Cup 2011

AFC Asian Cup 2011 日本代表 Samurai Blue " Change "

I excited. Takumi Ine I Endo. The feeling that all the opportunities born from Endo. Lee's goal, I have many times triumphant pose.

You may think. Today, they had to review the recorded video game, "I wish the extended 15-minute short" I thought. But you know. Yesterday, when I was looking at the raw, "What is it for 15 minutes. This is me. "I long for the day so I was a child, I never for one day short of becoming an adult," I wish to think that similar. Just like that, not the I wonder if I have a same psychological mechanism and biological physics

But it turned out shortly after the start of the second half, MF Fujimoto down, but it was put in place the political defensive rock, and eventually it paid off, Japan will be revived was losing ground The. Offense against Australia at the height of a tall rock by the government to put the final line, attack containment, by placing in front of Yuu Takeshi momentum

 I was half what the Japanese delegation, I have not seen anything mentioning, speaking only in the second half, before the above techniques in Australia, but undeniably inferior, Had made many times by the chance to run up the left side Yuu Takeshi. Of course, chances are crucial but much larger in Australia

  I have not seen the first half of the battle, looking to expand the entering of the point enough, and now I want to see more of these two battles, from the second half after 30 minutes of mind going into overtime I noticed my hope that somewhere in

 Probably did not wish to settle in 90 minutes, in Japanese, what they might have been just my wife


 Well, that aside, a volley from a cross Yuu Osa Lee, that was a brilliant winning goal, a player blessed with the chance to play, I looked as if they were stubborn appeal.

 Speaking of which, since the beginning of the tournament, and I 伊野波 against Qatar, the Korean War 細貝 good, this time Lee and I, Distinction did not determine the bullet ahead of a pair of brilliant players sit on the bench a lot of things in all three races, but players are starting to say,

そういうリザーブの選手たちもまた、監督の期待によく応えて頑張ってくれたと思います .


Asian Cup _Japan_Australia_1-0 win

Asian Cup 2011 Australia vs Japan 0-1 Final

川島永嗣 - AFCアジアカップ KAWASIMA HERO - Japan - Australia - Asian cup 2011

日本優勝セレモニー AFC Asian Cup 2011 Champion Ceremony 29-01-2011

Crazy, too happy happy too happy too! Japan Extends ーーーー beating Australia won!ー pleasure to write this blog as it is so excited to sleep.

 I think we all do think the game's recent Japanese team is interesting. Strength come from behind, barely sticky, unbearable to watch the team work together to fight the attitude and anything.
 Attractive team, an exciting game development. I also thought people should be watched and possibly other countries. If you can watch a game like this every time, right next four years paradise.

 There also has been working at home, this Asian Cup, had gathered considerable information on deep, I was glad it won there, too.

Late extension, determined Tadashi Shigeru raised in Lee's cross Yuu Takeshi 1-0 win! Asian Cup became the fourth first time in two tournaments since the 2004
Cup of China! !


David Villa _Fernando Torres _Liverpool_Spain_Chelsea

David Villa and Fernando Torres - Bring Me To Life

... Liverpool also the highest ever transfer fee "sell"

 Spain squad for Liverpool ace Fernando Torres FW (26) refused an offer from Chelsea to win.

 British newspapers reported in June 28, and 40 million pounds transfer fee is the highest in British history (about 52 billion yen) is believed to be an official Liverpool "is not going to sell," said. F · Torres en el código 07 un cargo por transferencia de 20 millones de libras de Madrid (£ 2,6 millones) a participar, ha firmado un contrato hasta 2001.


Barca_Real_Copa del Rey semifinal _Barcelona_Almeria_Lionel Messi _Real Madrid _Guardiola

Pep Guardiola

Advance to the final showdown over two! Barca & Real win

 The two games on November 26 Copa del Rey semifinal first leg, Barcelona, Almeria in the home and the FW Lionel Messi scored twice in the 5-0 .Reigning champions Real Madrid to Seville in the 1-0 away in a lucky day in morning. The two strong headway in the final showdown.

 Reigning champions Real Madrid to Seville in the 1-0 away in a lucky day in morning. The two strong headway in the final showdown. Put on the official game scoring mark of 100 club this season, even near the end of the fifth point MF Keita assists.Guardiola revealed that the coach was having pain in your feet Messi "I used to win. Finalists not yet decided to not" worry and contracted.


Korean War! PK finals for the first time Japan has won _Okazaki_Maeda_Saudi Arabia _Honda_goal_Australia_South Korea, Japan _Hasebe_Uzbekistan_Asian Cup victory! Good luck in Japan!

≪ASIAN CUP≫ Japan is finalist~!!!(26.Jan.2011 AM1:20) FOOTBALL SEMIFAINAL KOREA :JAPAN

I burned yesterday. Korean War! PK finals for the first time Japan has won two tournaments at the end of the war! The remaining until win! And to the Confederation!

Yesterday was a tough game like that game I was not honest. There are several opportunities in Japan. Okazaki and shot hit the post and decided to remove the machine Maeda.But that FW Maeda scored in this hot match is great. Despite scoring in that game against Saudi Arabia will not be helpful because there was no other motivation. Maeda I finally jazzed up! The first scene is a point I think the ideal form of Japan. Without running into the cross path Honda exquisite portrait! Common goal with an excellent sense of positioning and Maeda!I think the better they scored more runs in conjunction with these players. Australia next in exactly this way. Space in the back later!

Yesterday, South Korea, Japan and another is there any PK PK It is not either way. Well, I like each other. It seems yesterday lowered levels rise throughout Asia and the Asia-trial level, but also told me was hearing strange Hasebe, it stops a lot of games in particular.

Speaking of the defense of Japan Japan 2-1 min scene and went ahead in extra innings defensive. But fails to complete five bags put 伊野波.
Okazaki harden before the defense, would eventually become one defend Honda Shika not leave. I attacked the ball is taken away at the front are only two people can get the ball in midfield ・Maeda defense can also be lowered, so I think FW was on.

They caught the first two runs to take a second to lose the ball obviously bidding. Tended to lose physical auctions because those scenes in Korea. Second picked up the ball would have been a lot added to it I think defensive fix mandatory.

Australian finals! 6-0 victory at Uzbekistan.
I am sure there are more physical Korea. Yesterday was like a game I do not think the fight. If we turn scoring chances into a compact ball Japanrashii however. -

Asian Cup victory! Good luck in Japan!


King's Cup _Betis_football_Arsenal_CL_Barca__Classico

Betis 3 - 1 Barça. Copa del rey 2011, Cuarta Jornada, Miércoles 19 de Enero

Section 20 of the Riga facing a battle to Homukanpunou Racing. King's Cup held during the week of 19 2nd leg 1-3 defeat to Betis,The Catalans have stopped the winning streak though, 1st leg 5-0 to Real Betis in the win on it, proceeded to the bridge to the semifinals with 6-3 Agurigeitosukoa.

King's Cup LIVE Temasen though there is no relay in the quite interesting as Betis football. Well, than keep winning like this, Well I'm glad to be able to brace oneself up once Sat Nde attached around here? ... I like.

The first round opponent for Arsenal CL though I think there is a lot more complex, with very strong feelings speak for Barca to win after all, better organizational skills Barca is also an objective look at the overwhelming I think.
After scoring difference Kurashiko par I wonder if there can be bad ... I think I on. If an energetic game 臨Me about the same time ... but Barca is the Classico. Turn It'll pass when that is not you usual -

It is by design that I absolutely Classico



International football right now, I'm going?_Barcelona_Manchester United_AC Milan  _Dortmund

January 22, 2011 (Saturday) game

 Sevilla 4 - 1 Levante
 Barcelona 3 - 0 Racing
 Valencia 4 - 3 Malaga

International football right now, I'm going?
I look around the standings, just a few I wish to feel OK.


1 Manchester United  48
2 Arsenal  46
3 Manchester City  45
4 Chelsea 38

Man U and lead to one thing or another is amazing. There are variations in the number of games, chances are you are likely to Chelsea.


1 AC Milan  41
2 Rome  38
3 Naples 37
4 Lazio 37
5 Intel  35

Intel is quite Benitez has dismissed that down. But I eventually will lead to Milan, where I have a strong name -.


1 Barcelona 55
2 Real Madrid  48

Bye is this! In Barcelona, too strong, as I'm lacking in the league interesting.


1 Dortmund 47
2 Hannover 96 34

This condition is also projected. But I always grabs the image of Germany and this year looks like more determined.


1 Lille  38
2 PSG 34
3 Rennes 34
4 Lyon 34

What reel every year, what was strong and I? Lyon too strong in recent years, I know others are getting


1 PSV 44
2 Twente  43

Groningen or the top of the other, but Kaoru loader, Feyenoord is 14th all costs. Nope, not going for time.


1 FC Porto  47

In the second place Benfica, Sporting Lisbon 3-position. This did not change three strong ♪


1 Celtic 52
2 Rangers 47



Arsenal vs Wigan _3-0_Fanperushi_Al Habsi _Fabregas_Percy_Asian NO. 1GK _Al Habsi vs Arsenal _Beckham

Arsenal vs Wigan comments

3-0 victory at Arsenal

The Fanperushi hat, but will remove PK. Hafukotogemu the first half. Too many goal-scoring opportunity. However, GK's good to stay one point Al Habsi saved. One or ー, Wigan earlier zero Shoot ・・・

I too fail to score a goal, which is a half-time Arsenal in the second half I thought the flow would not be a very good Wigan Mori returns as expected. One or ー, do it from scratch.

However, additional points of Long Fabregas volley from Percy. You were brilliant

And Fabregas sent off in the game against PK in the target end. But Percy was steamed perfectly, but PK, then Percy has achieved the proper hat.

Well, they could come into play more point, if supporters of the Gunners, Wigan I was almost satisfied the GK content of the Al Habsi GJ.
No doubt the current Asian NO. 1GK seems to be. But it was the sense Al Habsi vs Arsenal

But as the game is too one-sided though it was flat to the taste, I'll pass the ball speed is fast compared to the Asian Cup after all.


I had come to watch Beckham


Against Qatar_big success _Kagawa Shinzi _3-2_Asian Cup quarterfinals_sub-members_South Korea _Japanese team_Zach Japan

Japan 3-2 Qatar Full Highlights 21/01/2011 Asian Cup Quarter Final

Against Qatar, a small but who, for one's expectations so far, and he had no big success in Kagawa Shinzi dominate the battle 3-2, and advance Tsu Asian Cup quarterfinals! ! Even in sub-members,
Power without falling team, so everyone take a point for each game, grinded in a very reliable! ! Moreover, the semi-final against South Korea fight fate! ! Japanese team, is I wonder what a game against Korea? I feel that a long time to meet a tingling in the game. South Korea to see further growth in order to break up anyway.best hope
I have also raised Korea. Another comic I like something like a deployment. Reversal of victory in the host country, South Korea semifinal rival competitor.

Level of interest it has increased steadily. Qatar's Asian Cup game, I had 8000 people access blog! That was not so far. Zach Japan Ena awesome.

I wonder what a game against Korea? I feel that a long time to meet a tingling in the game. South Korea to see further growth in order to break up anyway.



Lionel Messi _FIFA world best player award_Xavi_Andres Iniesta _Barcelona_World Cup _Ballon d'Or_Sneijder


Lionel Messi year in a row 2 FIFA world best player award, criticized the award for that portion of the mesh media, and appealed not to care at all. -

In the press, Xavi and Andres Iniesta what Barcelona teammate was nominated for this prestigious award, W be elected as representative in Spain to account credited with winning the World Cup they have a voice against the winner of the Messi.
But Messi "Actually, that does not care what the media say. The important thing for me, but if you're talking about being with my teammates. I'm grateful for their support. Not that justification must be shown to someone my own. Came to the same thing until now, Strive to continue to play a good game, so hold out your team's power as possible, "comments, criticism of the press argued that paying no attention at all.

If you want to emphasize only the result, the Ballon d'Or winners like I think I will not No matter how Sneijder.


Luka Modoritchi _Tottenham Hotspur _Premier League _Chelsea_Manchester United_Barcelona_Croatia_MF_Honda director

Luka Modric HD

He is a playmaker Luka Modoritchi Tottenham Hotspur (25) Premier League rivals, and rumors have moved overseas, or himself has denied this.

Chelsea and Manchester United, Barcelona and Croatia in this big club and MF have been reported in contact with the Modoritchi itself is rumored to leave White Hart Lane is that the whole Gaseneta, argue that happy at Spurs.

"These rumors are all bull shit. It is true that the only place where you are happy with myself that I Tottenham player. I'm totally focused on my work.Since joining in 2008, resigning these rumors every time you open the transfer market was flowing. Even the renewal of a contract with Tottenham last June, I've seen from such articles. But I shall never know the future, I'm happy at White Hart Lane "

Honda director if it wishes to feel like I was good at long-term administration over decades as well as fur is director of Manchester United Song

Thank you for your words of nothing but now nothing.


Asian Cup _soccer_Japan_Saudi Arabia_Asian tigers_Asia Cup_Okazaki_Maeda_forward _baseball_Kagawa_Honda_Syria

Japan vs Saudi Arabia 5-0 All Goals AFC ASIAN CUP 2011

Asian Cup soccer final match of pool play. Lightning seen. Japan vs Saudi Arabia. Former "Asian tigers", called Determine if you divide it through the game winner against Saudi extensive experience in Asia Cup.

Still, Saudi Arabia was it? ? What you say, weak. Even a league defeat. Asia is a pattern of melee? ? Now, Japan vs Saudi Arabia. United scored three first half in 20 minutes.Somehow, through the path to lean, even if defense Yul front of the goal. Just, "and Betchi FC" I had a football game and Betchi team and Japanese team, and like that. Saudi Janakutsu ... I tell the truth, and I was Betchi and FC? ? It's to do - the color black. Is different. Maybe.

20 minutes after the first half, Saudi Arabia also came tight, the game was balanced. The goal has been pushing Japan several times.

And then the second half. Further two points to take the match ended in Japan. Okazaki hat trick you care.
I Okazaki FW (forward) You What? Did not know. I'm also forward guy Maeda I got two points. 5 forward scored two people. Speaking of explosive feeling clean up baseball?

Kagawa Honda or something like the attention they Bakkari MF players, but I take the point, I'm not the proper deployment. Speaking YakultSomething against Syria, DF and had taken a point. In the Yakult 7.8 points per Takeuchi, I took the image of the second Aikawa?

Saudi Arabia in this war. Not getting too one-sided - interesting. Still, funny is more like did against Syria. Well, can I still continue forward.


January 16, 2011 (Sunday) game _Valencia_Deportivo_Almeria_R · Madrid _Barcelona_Malaga_Cristiano Ronaldo _Lionel Messi _David Villa _Fernando Llorente _Pedro_Nilmar

Almeria Vs Real Madrid 1-1 All Goals

January 16, 2011 (Sunday) game

 Valencia 2 - 0 Deportivo
 Almeria 1 - 1 R · Madrid
Barcelona 4 - 1 Malaga

Oh no! ! It is like you saying this I'm a real pain - is the draw. Ronaldo has finally decided they'd paid FK

Well, not that it was over a second. Riga this folded. Gotten a little tough to be the difference between Barça 4.

How can catch up real is the late game.

- Standings - Top 5.

1st Barcelona                   52 points

2nd Real Madrid                 48 points

3rd Villarreal              39 points

4th Valencia                   37 points

5th Espanyol                   34 points

Top 5 Scorers - -.

1st Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) -      22 points

2nd Lionel Messi (Barcelona) -          18 points

3rd David Villa (Barcelona)            14 points

4th Fernando Llorente (Bilbao)          11 points

5th Pedro (barcelona)                10 points

5th Nilmar (Villarreal)              10 points


Del Piero's official statement_David Trezeguet_Juventus

Alex Del Piero & David Trezeguet by Mezza26

Del Piero [Good luck, David]

Be decided by the years spent away from Juventus David Trezeguet, Captain Del Piero sent words of encouragement to teammates share many titles have been on the website itself.

To David Dear

I guess I have finally come when you have to say goodbye. Both spent many seasons, have won many titles at the same time, the number can not answer that right away. That much we have shared many things as a teammate.The combination of our two people, I'm confident that we are inscribed in the history of Juventus players like Charles and Shivori great.

The goal of the season the average age is 17 Juventus. This figure is exactly the same things so your jersey. You're proof Bomber promotion. (Bomber, the Italian ace striker means) for me to play on your side that can not speak in numbers.But to repeat again and was able to play with the great FW is for me really proud.

Del Piero, Trezeguet. Trezeguet, Del Piero. What raised Kitata dodge victory in battle many times. And experienced a lot of disappointment. (Luckily, I went but was disappointed to win reduced) and dodged a hug after a goal countless.

From now on, will go a different path. This is unavoidable in the world of Calcio. Directly convey the words of farewell, but in the changing room, I wanted to convey to you in public.For new challenges, best hope at all costs. Wonderful memories to keep them from care, when they meet somewhere and talk about next.

See you, David.


Spanish Cup _Madrid derby _Real Madrid _Atlético Madrid _Liga_Ejiru_Forlán_Spanish King's Cup _Sergio Ramos_Ronaldo_Mourinho_Bayern_Klose_Lazio

Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid 3-1 Full Highlights

Spanish Cup semi-finals of the Madrid derby Real Madrid Atlético Madrid VS has been made in the home of Real.

The match saw (should be reflected in the digest Liga ...) 3-one upset victory in the Real. Ejiru also took third point!

I play at home next to Atletico Madrid on the 20th. Since it was still expected Forlán, alert can be done. It has the 17th La Liga match in Japan before that time

"Derby Madrid" Real is lucky day in morning

 Spanish King's Cup match was held on July 13 two quarter-finals first leg, Atletico Madrid 3-1 Real Madrid were lucky day in morning at home. Almeria to La Coruna 1-0 down at home too.

 R took the local derby with Atletico Madrid. Allowed seven minutes early, but pre-emptive, the DF equalizer 14 minutes Sergio Ramos.
FW of C · cited Ronaldo winning goal 16 minutes late, a loose ball from a shot down an ace and a bad near the end decided that Ejiru MF. -
Mourinho "was close to the semi-finals. But the first strike, recovered showed a good fight," and recalled with satisfaction.

There was a rumor of a transfer Bayern Klose FW Lazio, Real Madrid dream seems. "Real interest in the possibility of their own, I spoke with the agent. -
However, the contact from them so far is not true. For now, just rumors Mercato "

-- "Also because of the deadline for his contract next June. Definitely a real team history. Regained the right way thanks to Mourinho. For me, the best wearing this shirt once. They offer I would not say no to "


European football _Liverpool_Benítez_Club World Cup _Intel_England BIG4 _Hodgson_Tottenham_Premier League _Blackburn_Gerrard_PK

Steven Gerrard #8

I'm commonly known European football freak, my darling little football, "Liverpool" to be translated to other Dearimashi have a glimpse of the decline o
 Benítez took responsibility for the previous year's form, even to win the Club World Cup in December and I thought he became the director of Intel's haste, national league (Serie A) dismissal on the grounds of the unsatisfactory results ...  The "Liverpool" coach of the "old future," Hodgson Dearimasu. Good players are concentrated originally "Liverpool", so -Superfluous and should be out by people injured, England BIG4 is no doubt that the corner

This "old future," says Hodgson, the assay lacked experience in the big club, so Ali trout ー track record and experience have certainly stood out in a position to speak on the weak side but alas
 I must have thought I was no good, ahead of TV in an interview just before the Tottenham game, "the next game, causing a surprise!"

Just looking sentence, which foresee the tee're expecting something - take it even trout Ali said that a positive family yo - I'm no good, "Liverpool" I have to say this is the director of Tottenham gained a berth in the Champions League teams into the Premier League last season's fourth place I have However, "Liverpool" as the feelings of the fans and you are very against the underdogs. Proud winner of the prestigious 18th premier in the history of "Liverpool" in the remarks Dearimasu not. Underdogs against the "miracle" or "Wow someone remarks" What a Dearimasu the impossible. Sure enough, betrayed the trust of the fan-shaped "old future," says Hodgson, dismissed by early next year to take responsibility for poor performance  Wolves lose even the lowest, is yo team lost two or three losses, but not in all 38 games this season with 10 wins over Me if it always be defeated Blackburn. Gerrard to be captain, PK settlement eventually shoot at the time of holding the chest to remove Chaimasu PK

 I'm off to Gerrard for the first time I saw PK・

Atletico Madrid _Aguero_FW_Diego Forlán _Villarreal_Borja Valero_Porto_Messi_soccer

Sergio Agüero - The Rising Star

Diego Forlan con su Balon de Oro.....

Atletico Madrid Sergio Aguero FW belonging. Near future, has been reported that may be released from the team Aguero.

 FW flagship to extend or contract with Diego Forlán undecided. Sergio Aguero is another spindle is a highly paid team of just renew your contract soccer,
 Essential that the players are definitely the team to be enrolled as a long-term truth is that the club hard.

 A · Madrid, Villarreal and MF as a new force Borja Valero, FW has been a member of Porto reportedly seeking to acquire Arukao, If a new force that is within Messi fourth berth in the Champions League as coach, Flores said, perhaps that might be released and Aguero aces and two large Forlán.

 Well, to be released so easily, but I do not think though.


Copa del Rey quarter-finals _Barcelona_Messi_hat-trick _goal_Ballon d'Or _football_Betis_Castro_Xavi_Iniesta_Villa_Pedro

Barcelona vs Betis [5:0] All goals & Full Match Highlights 12/01/2011 Copa Del Rey

Lionel Messi Hat-Trick Barcelona vs Real Betis 5-0 12-01-2011

First round of the Copa del Rey quarter-finals held on October 12, part 2 Real Betis Barcelona welcome home, Messi hat-trick goal rush, including a lucky day in morning and 5-0.
Messi Year 2010 FIFA (International Football Federation) Ballon d'Or (the World Player of Year) to voice doubts about the award, showed up for his exceptional performance dismissed. -

 Bettis is Raising the line from the beginning, take the path of the Barcelona football in the press sealed intense attack from the counter Reuben Castro et al.
Barcelona's Xavi too, while Iniesta, Messi "Barondorutorio" In addition to Villa, and penetrated to the other party involved in the attack Jinnai actively Pedro, and posts being blocked shots GK Mori Yoshi's crucial Castro
The first half was even fight, Messi is determined by a lob pass near the end Iniesta, Barcelona, led by one point.

 However, the fatigue began to see Bettis entered the second half to prevent attacks in Barcelona and dull slowly, 62 minutes, and Messi is a continuous goal in 73 minutes, and runs from there little by little.
Deployment will be the end to unilaterally attack in Barcelona, Pedro 76 minutes, 83 minutes of play while Keita kept stabbing, containing a final dignity to win the Barcelona scored five.

Superb_Japan_won _PK_Asian Cup_World Cup _victory_Kawashima_Doha_Okazaki_GOAL_forward

Syria - Japan 1-2 All Goals Highlights Asian Cup 2011

Superb 2-1 victory for Japan!
I also won the sandman! Is lack of sleep, since Japan won, and good

Narrow victory, "a saying that a perfect match. In this game, I felt a long time. Wow, six minutes Tsu second-half injury time! No wonder the length of Boyaki Matsuki's Commentary (laughs)

Total of eight teams warning, leaving two persons, PK2 this rough game. What Asian Cup, World Cup and have a different tension
Speaking of truth, because there was a great goal in the first half of the players Hasebe, I wanted to feel fine victory over Japan .....

GK sent off a player from the late Kawashima. PK desperate situation against giving away! Whistle of the Middle East? Doha tragedy again? And seriously dented gone (tears) where support was also given up mode, Okazaki PK players had been knocked out, capturing the Honda Player GOAL. Incidentally, 88 years Japan will be stacked, A memorable first goal seems to match the 1000 total.

To win anyway, good to take the three points. Even during the World Cup and because it was contrary to expectations Cocoroyoshingeki war, again, I want to show who survived after suffering march forward.

[Spoiler Gun! Nippontsu! ! ]


International Football Federation_Ballon d'Or"_Lionel Messi _Barcelona_World Cup _Iniesta_Xavi_best eleven__________

Lionel Messi -FIFA World Player Ballon d'Or 2010 HD

International Football Federation (FIFA) on August 10, 2010 World Player of the Year in Zurich, Switzerland "FIFA Ballon d'Or" (Golden Ball in French) announced the 、23 FW-year-old Argentine Lionel Messi (Barcelona) has won the laurels.

 We selected from the FIFA Player of the Year and France Football magazine, "Ballon d'Or" award for both a consistent, national team coach, decided in voting by journalists around the world and captain.
Messi has won both awards double in 2009, picked up the title of world's most valuable player two seasons in a row. Last year's World Cup (W Cup) in the tournament in South Africa could not be active, Was evaluated in the outstanding play and straight league club.

 The final position of the W point cited by Iniesta MF Spanish Cup final, third place in Spain playmaker Xavi. The top third of stress Barcelona, Lionel Messi, "I was not chosen. Not to share this award with three people," he said.

 The rest of the world the Year award Milan men's division director (Italy) European Champions League (CL) Mourinho led to the conquest (now Real Madrid), the division female players in Malta (Brazil) was awarded . -

The following is the best eleven.
 GK Casillas (Spain, Real Madrid) ▽ DF micon, Lucio (Brazil, Inter Milan), Pique, Puyol (Spain over Barcelona) MF Snyder (Holland Inter Milan), Xavi, Iniesta (Spain over Barcelona)▽FW Lionel Messi (Argentina, Barcelona), Ronaldo (Portugal, Real Madrid), Villa (Spain, Barcelona)


Messi Ballon d'Or is a whopping_Xavi_Iniesta_Messi_Ballon d'or

Lionel Messi Balon de Oro 2010 FIFA Balon de Oro Gala 2010 Zurich 10/01/2011

Messi Ballon d'Or is a whopping!

Pretty amazing. I thought it is just like most people, Xavi or Iniesta.

Awards also Arutintoppu Dattari Pusukashu, and some even like what I have been deliberately removed in order to equipping surprise.

Messi is also a well that is not suitable at all, I think the best player in the world because the undisputed most convincing sense speaking. Ballon d'or choose based on what? It has been said that the title is important, because it just messy than La Liga, or rather a surprise when I saw the play, I guess he was pushed to the impression that this award after all great players and coach, including his colleagues.

Xavi was a shame I wonder

Even so, a female Maltese Na amazing. Play a female version of Ronaldinho, but certainly I think another dimension, s fifth consecutive year.

Messi Congratulations! !


Asia Cup_Jordan_Japanese_Offside Goal _Doha

Japan 1-1 Jordan Goal scene AFC Asian Cup 2011

Ne around Asia Cup began, "Jordan? It romp?" "Today is all right without looking! Go out!" I think all Japanese people never lose that feeling, do amazing dangerous .

Expand pre-emptive pain of losing a point to come to protect against. It was a typical form of the lower teams lose to top team.

吉田麻也は Offside Goal 制点・Japan scores のネットを揺らした3つに絡むという闘莉王さんを思い出させることをやってのけました。

Asian Cup opening match against Jordan. Severe pre-emptive deployment just before the end of the first half points allowed. Dorosutato became caught up in stoppage time at the head of Yoshida somehow.

Another, with a positive point win. . . I want to prepare for the next game I pushed myself! I win, painful deployments that goal in stoppage time. I have healed a little extra time goals conceded in that time we lost ground in Doha.

Our aim is to win. Japan is now looking forward to still not something like this.

Was a difficult game. Enjoyed friendly games against the best of these for a long time without an official.

I lost the first match of the preliminaries should not be an official game of the Asian Cup. Caught up with the equalizer in stoppage time in the sense that I perceive a positive good.

Recent trends are representative of no little interest, I felt they came in fresh new players.

It Easy game coming up against Japan in Asian Cup qualifiers, including this World Cup will be much like Gousyuu Korea.
It Easy game coming up against Japan in Asian Cup qualifiers, including this World Cup will be much like Gousyuu Korea.

Last year the team is suffering from this kind of tactic Orimashita chase it all the time, the difficulty is going to know. Think about the head, and I'm not easy. However, you can enjoy or even whether the young grow up in the Asian Cup where Japan will be held in the Middle East.


Arsenal_Manchester City _Premier League _Birmingham_Chelsea_Arshavin_Bendtner

arsenal vs manchester city 0-0-All Goals & Full Highlights

Arsenal vs Manchester City Premier League paragraph 22

In the end this game started the day after Boxing overburdened schedule. Arsenal home city.City Arsenal in second place in those three games have covered a game digestion. The full schedule for the third consecutive victory in this city only.The stability of the heart with a focus on defense now, will maintain a minimum number of runs premiere.
Laugher is the last game out now and leave the city early, this game will go I wonder how.
Scud is starting against Chelsea, the same starting lineup against Birmingham. Now only care about whether the combination has been to win this.

Arsenal 0-0 Manchester City

Arsenal's draw at home to not win no means will not be a bad thing. But critics say you pull up to be confined there by a member of this luxury is calling it a stir locally.
But critics say you pull up to be confined there by a member of this luxury is calling it a stir locally. You will be attacked just Moraenakere defense, spear is rust.In addition, CL could get a berth, or keep this football or will they move to a more active situation. To begin with, and what its capable of migrating Mancini, destination of the city is very complicated and interesting.

Arsenal how to respond to the withdrawal of the opponent. Will issue forever. I do not really understand the sad Imaichi card is replaced. Arshavin, but I still had to compete in the path, after a long Bendtner is not only remembered Jersey. At least, I wanted a chance to mount a set play.

At least, I wanted a chance to mount a set play. The thought might be better to make such an attack would never do such a chance.


football_Roberto Baggio_Azzurri_Italy_World Cup _Baresi_Aruberutini_FANTASISTA_Brazil_Tafareru_soccer

Roberto Baggio

Franco Baresi, l'addio al calcio

[・ ・ ・ Losing some beautiful fragile]

When considering these words, I am a football legend who left a strong impression in the past I remember.

His name, "Roberto Baggio." Azzurri deep blue (representing Italy) [No. 10] is uniform is the best Chinese suit.

1994 W U.S. Azzurri in World Cup year, the impregnable Baresi DF, Aruberutini young playmaker, worthy the name of Roberto Baggio and FANTASISTA, Dearimashita favorite.
During the competition, were cut by a further mark against injury and obsessive, a tattered condition Baggio continued to shine anyway. No doubt most Americans W shone was his cup.

Including the activity of Baggio, the Azzurri Sereson (Brazil) celebrates with finals. The score remains 0-0, PK rush to war.・ ・ ・ Lose situation by removing

The fifth kicker, Roberto Baggio.

Sometimes, the game is cruel.

Baggio devote a hand on her hip, a scream of joy that GK Tafareru・・・ ・ ・ ・ I tournament Well, I've watched soccer World Cup in W, is the scene that remains in most minds.

The first time I [have lost their beautiful. Knew was a moment].

Successful PK will be forgotten [failed PK can not be forgotten forever. ]

(Roberto Baggio )


World Soccer Digest _Messi_Barcelona_Forlán_Tevez_Villa_Cristiano Ronaldo _Ejiru_Cruyff_Ballon d'Or _Xavi Hernández _Andres Iniesta _soccer_Sports

Barcelona vs Levante 2-1 2011 Barcelona 2-1 Levante

Today, football magazine, "World Soccer Digest Day" sale. Appendix jumbo posters from your guide book. Messi of Barcelona is my time!
Messi poster in my room This is the fourth piece. Other Forlán, Tevez, Villa, Cristiano Ronaldo , I have pasted Ejiru. -

Cruyff has said, C ·Ronaldo that zippy little better than Messi seems to think that creating a large gap between the two.

「Cristiano will be able to showcase an interesting play because of its high physical performance, variations do not play like Messi.
Messi played a sharp, of course, also show an instantaneous speed change of rhythm and positioning. Cristiano It is impossible to say.
But no doubt that the two of them very talented. So this is not a question of the relative merits of two players, but a problem of body size

 Cruyff 氏はまた、FIFA(国際サッカー連盟)Ballon d'Or (世界年間最優秀選手)の最終候補3名を BarcelonaMessi、Xavi Hernández Andres Iniesta が独占したことに好印象を抱いていることも明らかにした。

soccer とは、両足を駆使して ball を絶えず動かす Sports だ。身長が170センチそこらのMessi、Xavi Hernández Andres Iniesta の3人がBallon d'Or の最終候補に入ったのはうれしいことだ。

Because the quality techniques such as height and intelligence, because it was proved to be more important than physical strength


Ronaldo_di Maria _Real Madrid _Getafe_Messi_Conferencia de prensa previa. Getafe vs Real Madrid: Mourinho habla sobre Kaka e Higuain.

Conferencia de prensa previa. Getafe vs Real Madrid: Mourinho habla sobre Kaka e Higuain.

12 minutes early, right side, and vertical device di Maria in the PA won the PK. C · decided that Ronaldo, Real Madrid took the first strike points. The 19 minute first half, a pass-through from the Di Maria scored the DF Ejiru escaped to the back of the line, take away the second goal Real Madrid.
But 29 minutes earlier, the host Real Madrid in the Palais DF dribble and go three and two crossing swords, and just stick a fierce drive to Niasaido returned Getafe 1 point.

Getafe better, but I had to translation and two runs in the first half hour early, DF, and one of the offensive power of Real Madrid, I think that I can not very well supported.
A scene in the first runs, I was speaking of such scenes must get pulled down the shirt of the Di Maria, I think there was no such thing,The scene in the first two runs, Di Maria was the offerer of the ball, was a recipient of the ball Ejiru, can not correspond perfectly with both, had just beaten in the attack on the relationship between the two In translation, this is a little tough or was feeling.

しかし、一方の Real Madrid の方も、この試合は守備の安定性を欠いていて、1つには、ラサナ・ディアラのパフォーマンスというのが悪くて、運動量はあったし、アグレッシブにチェックに行くプレーなどは良かったのですが、しかし、きちんとボールを奪い切れなかったり、ビルドアップの時にミスをしてボールをロスしてしまったり、というシーンが目立っていて、また、Messiにドリブルから得点を決められたシーンでも、その前に既に1枚イエローカードを受けていたので、ガッチリ身体で止めに入るという事ができなくて、それもその失点の原因にはなっていたと思う訳です。


Real Madrid _Getafe_Barcelona_Ronaldo_Kaka_Arbeloa_2-3

Getafe vs Real Madrid 2-3 2011 Getafe 2-3 Real Madrid


Real Madrid 3 days, the 3-2 away win at Getafe on. Barcelona won the first place and two points. The Portuguese national goal of 2 FW C ·Ronaldo scorer to score in 19 career sail fast. But according to British newspaper the Mirror 2 date, 10 million pounds in the custody of the child was born one night playing with fire (about 1.26 billion yen) from the other woman had yielded in
"Return all the money, let me meet the child," and that the appeal is. Female friend close to the "late at night she has to call Ronaldo" she added.
Ace "pain" will last.

C · Ronaldo shot up, Real Madrid took the third point.
Thereafter, until about 40 minutes late, they proceed to dominate the flow in the Real Madrid game, On the way, make a trial run and Kaka are back at last come true, It felt like having a time translation Real Madrid, but 37 minutes late, got a yellow card and sent off to the second piece in this game Arbeloa,Immediately switched to a different power players from Granero Garay was trying to change, but waiting for the translation that the game is interrupted, Getafe will be determined to score while the defense off balance the minutes.
However, since putting Garay regained stability and defense, the game will end like this. Score "2-3". Real Madrid Away, took three points and two goals by C · Ronaldo, Getafe won, that game now. -
By the way, is a state of Kaka, yet again, from the first game was a thing of withdrawal of long-term recovery from injury, the body weight seemed to be playing hard in physical contact, Can also be called for from the perception still would not fight back, first, I felt that I think is completely acclimate the body.


Beckham_Tottenham_Los Angeles _Redknapp_England_Europe_Gerard_Lampard_ingland_soccer_Ferguson_English football

David Beckham Best Goal

Beckham, rent or transfer to Tottenham?

 Los Angeles (American MLS) of MF David Beckham (35) increased the possibility of transferring the rent to Tottenham.

 MF coach one day the right side of the club and Redknapp needs, "he said Beckham wants to play well at Tottenham," emphasizing the first time and romance. Embark on negotiations with a Los Angeles club. Beckham back for England for the MLS and hope to play off two months in Europe. Also has experience as a youngster went to school in Tottenham, which has emerged as the favorite in rental.

ロンドン五輪組織委員会チェアマンのSebastian Coeは、David Beckham らが五輪 soccer 代表で鍵となる役目を果たすと信じてる様子。Coeは GerardLampardDavid Beckham ingland 代表の為に重要な働きをすると予想。テクニカル・スタッフであったとしても。

-「国内でBigな世界的 soccer を持つというより、若い選手世代の啓発に五輪を使用したい。Under23だが、3人のオーバーエージが許される。名前を上げれば、 GerardLampard 、コーチとしてでさえ David Beckham など。Ferguson 監督がコーチに関心?-それを決めるのは自分でなく、soccer 協会と英国五輪委員会。」

Personally, I think he is a symbol of English football for over 25 years now


Ranking from top to bottom_Kaka_Brazil_football_dribble_Sneijder_Intel_Holland_World Cup_middle_pass_Gerard_van der Vaart _English_Ejiru_Germany_Ronaldinho_Ronnie_Ballon d'Or _goal_Nakamura Shiyunsuke _Rekoba_Gourcuff_Uruguay_Japan_France_Kagawa Shinzi _Riquelme_Lionel Messi

Ranking from top to bottom

1st: Kaka   

Kaka is a clear winner. As well as from top to bottom, ST is the ace of Brazil to be active in the kingdom and side football. The big fast. Good for big. Paths can also be made on the dribble, the players ability to score very high bar none.

2nd place: Sneijder   

Also commanding lead in the second place, ranked Sneijder. Intel Holland, steadfast in the top two teams down. It is a very high passing ability, can be captured, players score points. W 5 tied at one goal scorer in World Cup. Because of a strong middle and long pass accuracy, CMF can be used as a utility is a mid-MF.

3rd place: Gerard & van der Vaart   

Third place in the Dutch Van der Vaart, too. It is a treasure house of the Dutch top to bottom.Van der Vaart is the speed, but also a good opportunity to smell the dribble and kick accuracy, responsible for the attack in the heart of good football sense.Gerrard CMF professed, but ranked below the top three. To smell out opportunity and a strong middle-path accuracy, high physical strength and decisiveness to the high stature has it all.Good command of English is also well below the top gem volante.

5th: Ejiru   

Germany's young playmaker Ejiru fifth. For scoring is lower than the top 4,Hopefully it's more scary player growing up in Real great expectations for the future.

6: Ronaldinho   

ST is ranked professional top six under Ronnie. Well, the world's precision pass and dribble. Some techniques can be determined by your goals.Ballon d'Or is now 30 years old former still alive.

No. 7: Nakamura Shiyunsuke & Rekoba and Gourcuff

Thailand, Uruguay, Japan, France seventh treasure.Shunsuke long time I have been very popular there as in Japan, carrying the number 10. Uruguay has played well under the top Rekoba.Gourcuff is [high] II Call of Zidane, France's next ace.

8th: Kagawa Shinzi & Riquelme and Lionel Messi   

Kagawa moved to Germany from growing unopposed. The first half was selected MVP of the Bundesliga, the second shoulder 10 is also new in Japan.Riquelme is "Number 10" player with a rare special ability. No. 1 pass and dribble accuracy in Argentina

W, was charged under the World Cup top Messi Maradona. Barca now have an even playing in the middle. As Dribbler genius to play attractive dimension.

Barca_Espanyol_goal_DF_Madrid_Classico_defense_Puyol_offensive defense_Busuke_Chabi_ball_Valdez__pass_handling_Pedro_Messi_Kajehon

puyol VS cannavaro

If the game is coming out with Barca and Espanyol attack suffered quite early on.Rises to near the end line near the center line, near the front of the Barca goal put DF press hard line tactics.
"Huh? You know it.'ve Seen somewhere." If you feel, not a hobby balsa hue Hey it! !
Though I was desperate to raise the line even when the Madrid Classico,Barca defense force to press the front there are more now than Madrid Espanyol section at that time had a hard time not raise the line easily. I feel that with the ball at the press fierce Puyol.
I'd think an aggressive defense, but I Pujol defense, contrary to other "offensive defense" to have been scary to see.
Busuke is down and you come to be called the press even Puyol Chabi, but where do I get the ball moving to give me or pique, It also is dangerous to pass back and forced Valdes.
Valdez was shot reflexes to superhuman but think of handling it can not pass the pack look like much at ease.(笑)

Valdez was shot reflexes to superhuman but think of handling it can not pass the pack look like much at ease.Pedro had once dropped into the mesh at the front of the long path Busuke, it exactly fits into the goal right back Pedro Pedro vertical path Messi again.
Kajehon that was sorely in contact with Kajehon Puyol before sending the ball into the front Busuke,As the stadium was scored without the ball Out - the big boo.
However, the contact itself, so I'm not too heavy massaging. He obviously can not foul the referee had taken.

FK_left foot_right wing _player_Robben_Messi_soccer

All of Arjen Robben - Best of 2009/2010 All Goals FC Bayern HQ

Lefty Uingupureya precious right.FK is also well on his left foot, if you use the right wing in the opposite leg, the player wants to try it out.
Reverse foot wing, are famous or Robben Messi, the team representative to fit Mont Fuji, expand the range of much of the team tactics by the right wing with the opposite foot.
This is perfect if you're even a little more speed

Messi、本タク、オカザーギとsoccerplayer 3人が呼ばれているので、ひょっとしたら、

Zach may have done it in mind that before the Asian Cup training camp as the Pulse 433.


Keisuke Honda_CSKA Moscow_ Russia_W Cup_Lefty_Japan_FK_Pass_Ryoichi Maeda _Technique_Maradona_Ejiru_foot_ Kagawa Shinji _MF_Germany_Asian Cup _soccer_Messi

keisuke honda japan free-kick Worldcup 2010

kagawa shinji 香川真司 dortmund midfield

Keisuke Honda (CSKA Moscow / Russia).

W Cup, Lefty became the savior of Japan. FK is famous for his too.In the play, left foot shot in the flavor, strong. Somewhat spotted with no running start even put distance.

フィジカルコンタクトに強く、Pass も上手い。

と、まぁ、 Ryoichi Maeda と能力がかぶっている所がある。フィジカルコンタクトが強くて Technique があるが鈍足なのが欠点ってのが一緒。Ryoichi Maeda との違いは、逆足が使えないということか。このあたりは、典型的な Lefty player で、利き足の技術水準が異様に高い割に、逆足はおもちゃ程度にしか使えない。

Speaking of Lefty, and Maradona, but also so Ejiru recently, it becomes something of a foot in most cases, technology may want to brush your opposite foot.


Kagawa Shinji

Weak non-physical contact is a no holes such as this super-MF. W Cup but were defeated, a big hit in Germany at the moment. The Asian Cup was the 10th to take some things.

ただし、Messi に弱いので、 soccer やるなら彼を使う意味はほとんどない。具体的にいえば、前線のターゲットマンに向かって ball を放り込み、中盤ではルーズボールを競り合う soccer やるなら Kagawa Shinzi は外して他の選手いれたほうがいい。そのくらいフィジカルコンタクトは基本的に駄目。あと、

Nde breakthrough type of good in the center during an attack, and defense-oriented coach, he broke the middle of the counter is easy to eat too unpopular causes.

AC Milan _Ronaldinho_Roberto_Galliani_Dinyo_Dubai_Cannavaro_Allegri_'Don Balòn' _Barcelona_football_Ibrahimovic_Lionel Messi_Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 2010

Lionel Messi 2010 NEW

AC Milan Ronaldinho's agent Assis de Roberto is in Rio after a meeting with Galliani, said it seems that about 800 million requests a transfer and clubs.
Dinyo is dense and has spoken Gremio moved. "In order to be free to Ronaldinho, AC Milan need to pay the requested amount"

Meanwhile, Milan make winter camp in Dubai. January 2, "Emirates Cup Challenge" that will play against Al Ahli in the Cannavaro.
Cannavaro, "I have many excellent players, playing against the best team in the world. I dressed good show. Not even a practice game against Milan, a very large stimulus. Ronaldinho is coming to Dubai in order to gain experience I would "

AC Milan coach Allegri, "There are many rumors about Ronaldinho, only speculation right now. During Milan players doing here belong.'ll Do their best position to win"

'Don Balòn' by Sacchi had praise for Barcelona.
"Barcelona is a propaganda for the football team exceptional. A little like my Milan. In our time like that in Barcelona is also home Ouei, because I always play the same way"

"Ibrahimovic? - It is very helpful experience in Barcelona. Now he is because I played for the team. Along with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, currently the world's best"


Happy New Year_Ballon d'Or _Brazil 2014 World Cup _Champions League

Champions League Anthem

FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 Official Theme Song

Barcelona V Real Madrid (5-0) 29-11-2010

Happy New Year.

Ballon d'Or presentation first

Brazil 2014 World Cup qualifying opener

Champions League knockout is very fun.