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A lot of fat. Well this seems to represent the team at the club, let alone severe, there will also retire from the decline in physical performance and frequent injuries. Ronaldo saw for the first time Ronaldo at the age of 17, was a game against Yomiuri at Tokyo Dome Club visited Japan as part of the Corinthians. The brochure was written something like the future ace of Brazil. DF got the ball a few steps to see him leave behind, and what I thought he really emerged.Injury and being overweight (?) It was a lead player may have been accustomed to in South Africa in Germany even if no, it was the best footballer in the 2000s from the 1990s, along with Zidane.
 The only player in his prime foul unstoppable. No, I can not even touch the player might have been. Cruciate ligament and torn his body to the greatness that had injured the knee several times. GK and DF is by far the number of goals, maybe the world. FW strong as he is not one to one. DF I can stop trying to foul things to mock,Shiu is easily dodged or discharge is blown away in reverse. Their early period of 20 PSV Lusa ~ s Ha, had enough explosive dribble speed would fast forward the video makes sense.Sharp sharp move was regrettable but at the time of enrollment that Inter broke an ankle injury as his top two with Roberto Baggio were enrolled at the time was very elegant. .

 Messi or C Ronaldo, should be called a fine piece of play techniques such as feint not have Zidane, Zico or existing or Maradona or Ritobarusuki FW, unlike Front-line defense, and fairly mediocre momentum. However, explosive speed, "steal" goal that FW is the largest job-specific legend. Speed and power and technique. 'll Be a pro and even better if one would become a better player if the two stars. But Ronaldo was superior to three. The decisive goal in front of unrefined,


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