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長友佑都 インテル入団会見の様子

Paolo Maldini: The living legend

But he moved on loan to Inter in exchange for a fact that he moved from Sandton Those conditions, it is important in considering the evaluation of Nagatomo. Sandton, Maldini II in Italy, also known as Faketti II, but a wing in junior high expectations.Because higher height, can be used as a center back. It came out big in a while a wing. He was also at pains to grow Mourinho. From that he will be judged as more force Nagatomo at this time.

Intel season, rather than from a central defensive counter Mourinho, the new Intel challenge. The results in the dismissal of Benitez, Leonard was appointed.Furthermore, in a wing is not true, at present there is only a side stick Chivu are limited options to go aggressive. However, in Sandton is unsatisfactory.There is a turn of Nagatomo. Revitalize the dynamism of his team. Positions are different, he is like Davids. Davids is entered, Making air as the team was activated at once. What a role like that Nagatomo. That is a true force. CL against Bavaria, and is even,The trouble is both sides must prevent Libery and Robben. The lack of speed in Kivu.
Said that it is reinforced in a reasonable sense. Given the other hand, holding the Robben, CL seems to rise and win, they can break at a stretch Nagatomo.

In that sense, CL against Bayern are likely to be a turning point for Nagatomo.


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