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del piero

Welcome Back Alessandro Nesta the best Defender AC MIALN

Mostovoi, el Zar de Balaídos

In this article, "Alexander," a variation of the name, I want to introduce the name of football as an example. -

Take, for example in football, but rather it comes down to it because I like my world soccer, soccer players can be seen around the world 、Variations are also flying a person, in the example I think of getting a good cut.
Also, because it's a very popular person, and such famous players as well as soccer fans also know, "Alexander," I actually have many.

Moreover, the formation (formation) but no, do battle group in real football is "war" quite compatible with the image often overlap.
"Emperor," "General" "闘将" As you can see from the nickname, such as that a great player, so often likened to lead a group leader, Great players who I think is not bad to look at the remnants of the great King in chaos in the war was strong.

Alessandro Del Piero

Italian Serie A, Juventus symbol. The second top position. Who know nothing about football, "This attack people? Protect people?" And asked to reply in a sense,Attacking people, and people can take a lot more points.

Alessandro Nesta

Alessandro Del Piero is better if you attack, keep more of Alessandro here. Former Italian representative. AC Milan affiliation.He has played DF. World-class defender (Guardian), but lately I regret that a lot of injuries.

Alexander Mosutovoi

Personally, "Alexander Mosutoboi" There is more familiar notation, I will call you to be close to those of Alexander in Russia.
Spanish League, the Celta Tsar (Emperor). Karupin and Russian players in the same combination Celta hotline, "Roshiankonekushon" he called for.


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