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Roberto Carlos top 10 sensational goals

Member of Real Madrid Kaka MF. For Kaka, it seems that the Corinthians have expressed interest in acquiring. Get to say, the full transfer is said to not hire a high potential for transfer.

 Ronaldo FW retirement. DF Roberto Carlos moved to Russia.

 The resigning of star players and 2 Corinthians by reinforcing the top player, said to calm the team would get back. Therefore,Rent proposal has emerged called Kaka.

 Kaka injury was followed by withdrawal, to regain top form, maybe you need to play in regular time. Corinthians are going to consider the possibility of rent there.
 Back to top form, the scheme that will play in Corinthians, but Madrid is trying to triple crown this season, and respond to this deal, you're just unlikely.One disappeared from the football star
Roberto Carlos "Ronaldo will win speed"

Zinedine Zidane, "but the best players in the same age"

The late Bobby Robson "I am Ronaldo tactics" (Barca coach of the times)

The late Bobby Robson "I am Ronaldo tactics" (Barca coach of the times)

By the way, now-famous Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA Player of the Year once, once the Ballon d'Or award.'s Manager wants everyone is Ronaldinho .Ronaldo is not everyone, but Ronaldo will not stop the foul.'ll Understand why it is called the people to take look at this video

100M heyday Ronaldo is said to stand for 10 seconds.


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