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Inter Milan vs Bayern Munich 0-1 HIGHLIGHTS • UEFA CL 1/8 • 23.02.2011.mp4

UEFA Champions League, Bayern Munich vs Inter
Drawing card of reproduction of what last year's Champions League final matchup. If they stay in these Japanese players too! Nagatomo bench is truly, Intel and Sun Sneijder is arranged behind the top one-Etoo Stankovic, Cambiasso followed by addition, Motta, Zanetti side by side, chivu left defender, Lucio, Ranokkia, keeper Cesar with a Maicon that is defensive lineup aware of both sides of the attacker's attack power Bayern clear.Now the top-down Bayern Muller powerful addition to the three top left and Robben on the right middle Gomez Ribery, Schweinsteiger and two in Gustavo volante, Puranitchi defenders from the left, Badosuteyuba, Timoshuku, the lineup of craft keeper in alarm.
Bavaria is considered offensive to enter the game show surprisingly cautious, as the game early in the middle of killing each other.

Inter indeed is quite a wing that both forms of attack can not, the game will gradually force the pace of Bavaria and the breakthrough of Libery Robben. Muller is located below the top players of this day is a good player who Nevertheless habit enough, Robben, according to the breakthrough of Libery, Bavaria is great indeed, they entered the space to do their work. While some situations make a decisive scene in front of goal both teams Just before the match ended a draw seemed to be unable to keep score and hit the post and out of the frame and the last shot, the first strike to push Bayern Cesar Gomez has played a ball mid-for Robben,

1-0 away goals as it is cited.


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