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宮市亮 プロ初ゴール Ryo Miyaichi

Section 23 was held on 12 Dutch Eredivisie, Feyenoord FW Miyaichi to the Department after his first goal Miyaichi. his starters played two games played full 18 minutes,And trapping cross from the right breast, DF exchange plunged to one goal with his left foot. Hercules game in 2-1 victory at Feyenoord.

Dutch Eredivisie Feyenoord 1-1 Vitesse paragraph 22 (Heruredomu 06) from Arsenal in England, The deadline was traded Feyenoord FW Miyaichi Department (18) October 6, DF Michihiro Yasuda (23) against Vitesse belongs (away) played full debut in the starting lineup. Major-league debut 23 days a month in Europe 18 years youngest Japanese. Yasuda also fully participated, the game was 1-1 draw.  Jersey number 34 and "ryo" cut the left side of young Japanese Speedster laden letters. "Was not nervous. Fun." Reminisces his debut.Work permits down just four days, the temple city was suddenly starting 4-3-3 in the left wing, and shortly after it starts moving to the right position, Japan national team match-up with former Vitesse Yasuda DF. In a scene before returning to compete in two 16-minute first half of the left side, wowed the Japanese confrontation. 40 minute break in the first half penalty galloping left side about 80 meters. Also be cleared on a cross against the defenders made a rhythm.Signed a five-year contract with the prestigious English Premier League Arsenal last December. Without the full national team history, on July 31 can not obtain the necessary work permits to play in the UK,He moved to Feyenoord deadline. Just 37 days from high school championship first round defeat on December 31 last year. 18 years old, but still did not graduate from high school well, Directed by Mario vanes (47) after the game, "a great player. High potential. When you have the ball very dangerous," and praised. Toward debut, the commander three times a week 、Together for Chinese food, aimed at communication. Let players study English with the use of the same age also were considered fit in the team as soon as possible.Ryo MIyaichi is "a good sense for his dribbling," and the response of the mouth. 0 of what was shot,


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