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Gareth Bale Dynamite

I hid behind Nagatomo ・ ・ ・ Intel. Fernando is transferred to Chelsea! In Liverpool, was it missing W cup Suarez edged hand did intentionally drink?Intel Milan in Italy, but also good, but good Barca and Real, Spain. I like it I feel the audience and from the stadium - Premier. Personally, I do Beckham and Crouch to Tottenham and into Vail? What is interest ~. But Chelsea 9.1 billion. You're amazing ・ ・ ・ numbers.Torres is also the highest transfer fee. Japanese go to Europe without a transfer fee.


Gareth Bale Tottenham belonging to MF. Said to prepare the offer to acquire a huge amount of bail is Barcelona. How the amount of 40 million pounds. Tottenham, Even if bail has been presented to any amount not release repeatedly. But if a huge offer of £ 40 million ・・・After this season, is a member of Barca MF Arsenal are reportedly moving to capture the idea of Cesc Fabregas.

 And a double-take, but probably will need about 80 million pounds. . . . .

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