Endo_Lee's goal_MF Fujimoto _Australia_AFC Asian Cup 2011

AFC Asian Cup 2011 日本代表 Samurai Blue " Change "

I excited. Takumi Ine I Endo. The feeling that all the opportunities born from Endo. Lee's goal, I have many times triumphant pose.

You may think. Today, they had to review the recorded video game, "I wish the extended 15-minute short" I thought. But you know. Yesterday, when I was looking at the raw, "What is it for 15 minutes. This is me. "I long for the day so I was a child, I never for one day short of becoming an adult," I wish to think that similar. Just like that, not the I wonder if I have a same psychological mechanism and biological physics

But it turned out shortly after the start of the second half, MF Fujimoto down, but it was put in place the political defensive rock, and eventually it paid off, Japan will be revived was losing ground The. Offense against Australia at the height of a tall rock by the government to put the final line, attack containment, by placing in front of Yuu Takeshi momentum

 I was half what the Japanese delegation, I have not seen anything mentioning, speaking only in the second half, before the above techniques in Australia, but undeniably inferior, Had made many times by the chance to run up the left side Yuu Takeshi. Of course, chances are crucial but much larger in Australia

  I have not seen the first half of the battle, looking to expand the entering of the point enough, and now I want to see more of these two battles, from the second half after 30 minutes of mind going into overtime I noticed my hope that somewhere in

 Probably did not wish to settle in 90 minutes, in Japanese, what they might have been just my wife


 Well, that aside, a volley from a cross Yuu Osa Lee, that was a brilliant winning goal, a player blessed with the chance to play, I looked as if they were stubborn appeal.

 Speaking of which, since the beginning of the tournament, and I 伊野波 against Qatar, the Korean War 細貝 good, this time Lee and I, Distinction did not determine the bullet ahead of a pair of brilliant players sit on the bench a lot of things in all three races, but players are starting to say,

そういうリザーブの選手たちもまた、監督の期待によく応えて頑張ってくれたと思います .

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