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Bavarian Usami, "I should wear my best effort"

 In the German Bundesliga was held on July 7, was beaten 1-0 in a stormy opening round of Mönchengladbach Bayern aim to recapture the throne at home.

Takashi Usami despite Bayern bench, there was no chance to play. Otsu Mönchengladbach also did not bench. Usami following comments after the game.
"The wonderful battle against more considerable, was forced at the point of decision can hard, feeling it was born errors. Football is such thing, victory or defeat is not easy to change,I led to the loss happened, I think no problem.

 While I hope and feel like if you can trick will be getting better and better rhythm team (the game) was observed.  So I should wear my best effort. It is also known to have everyone have such feelings (my practice) is doing. First, in the first place so that members continue to go to.Once able to secure there, I think more and more opportunities come more and more "


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