Arsenal reject the initial offer for the acquisition of Cesc from Barcelona

Arsenal reject the initial offer for the acquisition of Cesc from Barcelona

Arsenal was reportedly refused an offer of acquisition from Barcelona Cesc

 In recent years, Barcelona is aiming to win the Spanish national MF Cesc Fabregas Arsenal, despite an official and an offer for the first time in the transfer market this summer seems to have failed.

 Media UK on November 24, 2700 from Barcelona, ​​Arsenal £ (£ 3.4 billion 60 million) reported in unison that it rejected the offer."Telegraph" newspaper reported, Arsenal £ 44 million transfer fee as the same player (about 56 445 million yen), and requests, between the two is that there is a big difference. Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger in light of this situation was beginning to plan assumes the remaining pre-season Cesc.

 About committing a Cesc is showing signs of psychological warfare and the three tripartite way, the possibility has finalized negotiations easily seen to be low.
First, we failed to profess Cesc hopes to transfer to Barcelona last summer, is now clear that stand to make a cautious statement from beginning to end unnecessary waves. On the other hand, are eager to acquire Cesc though,Barcelona and to avoid the development of the money game, but one knows that it must release the same player, Arsenal want to get the maximum transfer fee, the attitude of each other while watching the game continues.

 Arsenal are poised to raise offer for Barcelona in a long battle to bring the negotiations, anchored the team that you wish to transfer the player who is also said to involve a greater risk.
Moreover, once the player is also captain of Cesc, immense impact on the team.

Therefore, cast by a lot of money to afford to acquire Barcelona Cesc not seem excited about the transfer fee to reduce this risk by considering the Arsenal.


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