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 Sneijder, "is due to residual Milano Morinyo advice."

This summer, Wesley Sneijder MF temporary representative of the Netherlands, Intel is rumored to soon transfer to Manchester United, finally decided to remain.

 Sneijder Italian paper, "Gazzetta dello Sport," in an interview with the club led the former The current coach Jose Mourinho to lead Real Madrid, "it is better left to Inter Milan," revealed that it had been advised.

"Mourinho has come to call me, advised me to continue with Inter Milan. His mind was still there in this club, and I always said that away from me here."

Sneijder is also now transfer to another club revealed that no thought at all.

"You can stay here, I'm happy. Have you ever get out of Intel until now I never once from. The Manchester United'm not going to talk anymore. Heard Inter Milan to sell me by phone from my agent's true. So I spoke to United. But the story raised by the sale of Eto'o just in time,I changed all the circumstances "

 Meanwhile, Manchester City were said to be scrambling to win Sneijder like Man U, in itself revealed that there was no direct talks.

"Manchester City? I do not know anything about it. I'm happy anyway. Want to respect the 2015 agreement that remains here"

「マンチェスター・シティ? そのことについては何も知らないよ。とにかく僕はインテルで幸せなんだ。ここで2015年まで残っている契約を尊重したい」

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