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Best of van der sar

The legend - Paul Scholes

European soccer leagues around the end too, transfer, retirement is becoming a story, but I became concerned about in it, Paul Scholes, Van Der Sar, retirement ...

Man U retirement age is one of the great players built ...

Scholes - retired;

English Premier League soccer, MF Paul Scholes, who belongs to Manchester United (36) July 31, announced his retirement of the season. The team will remain as coach.  Scholes Man U play in a straight line, played in 676 games. League title 10 times, and contributed to the two-time European Champions League. The club's official website is "the best time to retire now. Man U career in the proud "and said in a statement.

Scholes, I was a player I liked, I'm sorry ... would you age? Beckham, Scholes played and I liked to say or comfortable. The path to the amazing, and I was pretty well taken point in feeling really good player ... just ... will be retained as a coach in oxidized silver, Man U and then hope that a good team ...

Man U's Ferguson - "Van der Sar's retirement was wondering until the end";

 Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson on March 30, [UEFA. com] in an interview, announced his retirement at the season as a comment on GK Edwin van der Sar. "Edwin has chosen to retire from active duty as a player at the highest level. But the end seems to have lost my own choice. He came to my place last weekend [withdraw retirement declaration Maybe I should have confessed]. On the other hand, I have already [GK from the new club is negotiating the acquisition,] as soon as I advised my heart decide. Then he came back a few days later, I told him that hardened the will of retirement.Given his age, I think that was the right decision "

Also, let go at Sir Alex Ferguson praised the professionalism of Van der Sar. "He is not only a professional footballer, who was well respected as a human being deserves. In the locker room,Would probably be half-time before the game, he has shown an exemplary attitude teammates always "on the other hand, expressed satisfaction with his career also sent Van der Sar."I could spend one's days as a professional fulfilling. Holland, fortunately blessed with a number of titles in hand and in England. In memory of my best, Anelka in the Champions League final with Chelsea in 2008 PK was stopped, the moment he decided to win, "Van der Sar also made a comment on your plans after retirement.
"First and foremost, football and want to put a little distance. It is going to be difficult to know better. In particular, the new season begins, when the sight of old teammates to play, I would definitely miss the football. But that is a good time does not continue forever. Now want to enjoy a second life "Do not retire too mogul ... GK is a position of long standing, but hey ... I wonder if something unexpected demographic expected, but hard until I was 40 years old Seaman. And GK Van der Sar was also great. After him, the great Man U's goal is to protect mice who.

The article also like ...

Man U, or release the key players for next season a new team building;

 Champions League and Barcelona held on October 28 (CL) after the final game "was beaten up so far is the first time," he said, defeat (1-3) honestly admitted Manchester United (Man U) Alex Ferguson is Seems to have felt the need of making a new team for next season. That could leave the club of over 10 players.

 Announced his retirement in addition to the long season already GK Edwin Van Der Sar, in recent years has been plagued by repeated failure of the knee MF Owen Hargreaves,Have little potential even retire from active service this season and now 36-year-old Paul Scholes. Scholes still on, which is said to have been approached to lead the club's reserve team from Ferguson.

 The dark clouds also committing the 31-year-old Michael Owen and Dimitar Berbatov now 30 years old. But Berbatov has demonstrated enough ability to record and 20 points in the Premier League this season , 28 CL in the final days and a bench outside, and are satisfied with current treatment is hard to say. On the other hand, stayed on Owen played just 16 games this season, the possibility of renewal is seen as extremely low.


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