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CL FINAL FC Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United HD 28/05/2011

Barca still love

FC Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United

Entering the path length and at high pressure, but showed potential, Manchester United had broken a minute in the bottom 10 .
Modern football is limited to space and time, one game to prove once again that is what football is the ideal type of technology combination to challenge Barcelona.

Barça football funny too. The tactic itself is what was Messi. Still a good shot everyone. Soccer boy in this game inspired by how much do they in the world.No, it should be player of professionals and even longing.

There are also quite amazing how I enjoyed playing the game!
Barca will want to decide, decide quickly and then Manchester United Rooney.

After all, the movement of the messi around Barcelona was great! Really enjoyed this game. There you got up early.


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