Barcelona, ​​Malaga and reinforced large opening match against Real Madrid and Bilbao

Barcelona, ​​Malaga and reinforced large opening match against Real Madrid and Bilbao

 Spanish La Liga Football Association oversees the 6th, announced the dates for the new season kicks off on August 20.

 Barcelona aims to four consecutive World Champion, a large reinforcement dared in Malaga, Real Madrid coach Jose welcome Molly Niño second season, the Athletic Bilbao veteran, decided to play in their first match.

 In addition, the first time in three seasons of interest was revived by the return portion of Betis' Seville derby "was organized in the opening section suddenly.

Mallorca belongs to the representative of Japan Akihiro patriarch MF will start the new season in the game with a pair of errors Vallecano job promotion.

 Meanwhile, Real Madrid and Barcelona by direct confrontation, "El Classico" is the Section 16 (December 10 and 11) in Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid home), and Section 35 (April 21 and May 22 next year) to the Camp Nou (home of Barcelona) is made of. In addition, both in the Spanish Super Cup against league pre-season. At the Santiago Bernabeu on August 14, first leg, which made the second leg at Camp Nou on Wednesday.

 However, since joining Barcelona from December 15 to the semifinals of Club World Cup to be held in Japan in December, the second match of section 16 may be rescheduled. In addition, Section 17 (December 17 and 18) that is planned changes to the job, November 29, mirror the Round Vallecano vs Barcelona.

 Barcelona Champions Champions League also On August 26 in order to play against champions FC Porto in the European Super Cup European League, Section 2 (August 27 and 28) have been shifted to August 29 will be against Villarreal.


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