Ferguson's Manchester United 'are pleased to win in Barcelona "_Champions League _Major League Soccer

Ferguson's Manchester United 'are pleased to win in Barcelona "

Ferguson (right), but expressed satisfaction with the victory against Barcelona, ​​"not important" and also showed opinion.

 In the 2010-11 pre-season tournament was held in the United States 30-11 seasons Champions League (CL) Manchester United fought final (Man U) was realized with the rematch of Barcelona.

In the CL final was won by beating Man U Barcelona, ​​won a 2-1 day Man U, played revenge.

 Man U manager Sir Alex Ferguson after the match, but expressed satisfaction with the team to fight, only pre-season match, "that's not important," the opinion said.

"The victory was glad he is from, of course. Anything else, that are happy to win in Barcelona and before the opening of the Premier League. However, that value is not so important.However, by adjusting the expedition went to the U.S. team will be able to return home in good condition. Has been a tremendous job for all players "

 Man U is the United States in this expedition, MLS (Major League Soccer USA), which won a friendly match with any selection of a member of three teams and the MLS, will return to the UK five consecutive victory in this Barcelona.


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