Inzaghi of AC Milan out of the registration list CL.

Inzaghi of AC Milan out of the registration list CL,.

 FW Filippo Inzaghi of AC Milan veteran with the highest score ranking second in the European Cup in history, Season's Champions League (CL) revealed that out of the list of registrations.

 Inzaghi is now 38 years of UEFA (Union of European Football) and raised a total of 70 goals in Cup sponsored by, Contesting the seat of the former top scorer Raul Gonzalez's Schalke 04 FW and come out on top in 71 career goals.

Schalke 04 season Europa League (EL) because they entered the group stage, Inzaghi had been released records raised the possibility that Raul goal.

 Suffered from a serious knee last November but recovered Inzaghi, calves because they had a problem with formic, says coach Massimiliano Reguri up without adding to the player as a member.

However, registration lists in the final tournament reached a stage can change, possibly on the stage of the CL this season have been left Inzaghi.


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