Doom the season, when I come to activate the transfer_Italy _Sampdoria_Deportivo _Spain _Rajo_Manchester City_Malaga_Aguero_Pastore_Fabregas_Rossi_Sneijder_Eto'o_Champions League final_Wembley _チャンピオンズリーグ

Doom the season, when I come to activate the transfer.

I look forward to the players where to go or what.

In particular, Italy was demoted for Sampdoria, Deportivo in Spain was also demoted.

Fell by two old-timers, I am looking forward how the players move.

And I look forward to be back when the two clubs.

Speaking of next year but will be back in Spain Rajo.

The owner was 10 years ago, it changed this year is regrettable.

It looks too aggressive moves to Manchester City, has changed since the owner is also active in Malaga, I am looking forward how it works. -

The anxious, Aguero, Pastore, Fabregas, Rossi, Sneijder, and Eto'o will care.

And Saturday night, there was a Champions League final. Wembley is in the rapture, ended.


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