Barcelona's Messi "Now is the best ever team does not believe"

Barcelona's Messi "Now is the best ever team does not believe"

Messi, "Barcelona is currently the strongest team ever" with a negative opinion.

 Dominate the Champions League and La Liga 2010-11 season, but Barcelona and showed overwhelming strength to the world that Lionel Messi is a leading player in the club 14 days, Italy's newspaper] in an interview with Il Matino,"Barcelona is currently the best ever football team," the negative views and opinions.

"The great teams of the past in a different era even existed then, and now is the strongest-ever soccer do not think Barcelona. However, only football worth of memorable people now believe that can show "
 The "I wore a uniform other than Barcelona, ​​I can not imagine," and Messi showed loyalty to the club, explained that the key to success is hard work of individuals and teams.

"I personally have always aim to keep calm even when good and bad when. As for the team and I have no hidden secrets to success. All the hard work and relentless, and I think a tribute to the power to believe in their football to the end "

 The national team Messi to Argentina is currently being held at home from the Copa America next month (Copa America), said the enthusiasm for.

"The results leave only destigmatize World Cup South Africa was stopped in the quarterfinals.The aim is to win of course. Cheering fans is supposed to be the best present. The team has finished in very good condition "

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