The Inter Milan Milito "Forlán's leading players of" real

The Inter Milan Milito "Forlán's leading players of" real

 Argentina's Diego Milito FW Inter Milan on March 30, Italian paper "La Stampa" in an interview,About FW Diego Forlan from Atletico Madrid since the representative of Uruguay, gave legitimacy to the height of its power.

"Forlán knows that well. In the past (the days of Zaragoza), from a player who I played against many times. I can affirm that, Inter Milan is a great player that won.

He's a real major player that can make a difference. His experience and motivation, will it help us win the title of a great team. "

 Milito is a cry to the failure last season was explained that in the conditions of the new Wanquan for the season.

"You can celebrate the season in good condition and have been very satisfied. Through the experience of last season, I became more patient.However, once you stand on the pitch "emergency brake" It's not catching. If you play such long, I think that off the Pike "

 On the other hand, Sukudetto (the title of Serie A) for battle, showed the view that there is more chance of winning teams.

"I am the absolute winners this season, thinks not. Milan, Inter Milan, Naples, Rome would have said the same level"


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