I Benzema orchestrating Arsenal win?_Real Madrid_Barcelona _Cesc Fabregas _Manchester City _Manchester United_Samir Nasri_Andrey Arshavin_セルヒオ・アグエロ

I Benzema orchestrating Arsenal win?

 Belonging to FW Karim Benzema Real Madrid. Attention has been committing in the transfer market this summer.

 Arsenal have been rumors of a major release has been rumored to focus on committing of Benzema.

 Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona MF. Manchester City and Manchester United to the MF Samir Nasri. Andrey Arshavin Zenit to the FW, And to Manchester City in the DF is a decision already Kurishi.

 Arsenal endless rumors of a number of major withdrawal. This unexpected movement is said to be head coach of Arsenal are having. However, you can stop here, so absolutely not allowed.

 Arsenal coach is said to have orchestrated the acquisition of immediate use to overcome the situation surrounding the team.

 Benzema is that of being the target, could not break abandoned Benzema concentrate on winning.

 Real Madrid, if you decide Neimaru belonging to earn Santos FW FW Sergio Aguero and Atletico Madrid in the transfer market this summer belongs has been seen as likely to release either Benzema or Higuain.


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