Real Madrid Guti original "Cristiano Ronaldo is not important in the game really shines,"

Real Madrid Guti original "Cristiano Ronaldo is not important in the game really shines,"

Guti, for Ronaldo "not out and shines on the big stage," he said.

 Real Madrid players in the original Gutierrez is currently playing in Besiktas, home to the Spanish TV show, talked about the old haunt.

 Guti will first touch on a star player Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid, Barcelona's Lionel Messi Unlike rivals, noting that the work did not show significant enough in the game.

"Cristiano is a great player. His work has been decisive in many games. But in the big game is not broken then it counts as Messi shines. "Crack" (superstar) players if called, he should welcome the high level game "

Gutierrez also acknowledged that there is a difference between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

"El Real Madrid todavía no ha alcanzado a Barcelona. Una vez que tratan de luchar en el frente y Barcelona, ​​serán difíciles de ganar. Cantera Real Madrid (infraestructura) no se hace hincapié, Has spent money to bring new forces from outside. The saddest for me is that it now has only a regular Casillas "

 Guti on the other hand, wanted to regret that there was no chance to play under coach Jose Niño Molly.
"If, if Real Madrid came after him two years earlier, everything would have been different. I am, than I could have enjoyed under him.He is adept in the ability of players to withdraw, I think was probably me pulling my force "

Guti Furthermore, the time when I looked back out to Real Madrid a year ago.

"I last a little cold. I expected us to do something with a little more. In the last year, the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium (home of Real Madrid) and if I get a chance to make farewell to supporters at sputum but, they were not. We are still waiting to hear from clubs "


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  1. sometimes that is not importants and we ignore will become very important and meaningful.