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Barcelona coach Guardiola's "attack on Porto" real "I"

Guardiola was evaluated to maximize the strength coach of Porto will play in the Super Cup.

 Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola on July 25, faces the press conference the day before the European Super Cup against FC Porto,Failure to write about both a center back Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique in this game, "win or lose is not an excuse," and made clear.

"Puyol and Pique will not want to be sure. But it can not win just because we can not play two people's messenger. We should immediately as a difficult challenge,"

Guardiola also director for Porto's opponents were evaluated to maximize its power.

"Porto's team comes in overwhelming power to defeat the opponent. As soon as the ball take a high position in the" real "coming of attacking. Play they have a clear intention that each one The. Every year, many of the following players are interchanged, they continue to win the title unchanged "

 Meanwhile, the Spanish national was announced yesterday, was convened for the DF Martin Montoya belonging to the Barcelona B, Guardiola said: director interspersed with jokes.
"Once the players chosen to represent the organization's bottom I was surprised. However, this is a surprise in a good way. He definitely would be treated may be typical.If Puyol and Pique recovery, the team of which I would be aligned with the national team of 11 people "


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