Soccer is fun but_Football is fun in itself._Brazil_Messi _Ronaldinho

Soccer is fun but

Football is fun in itself.

What fun that you own the ball , and judge for yourself, I think there is a feeling that the fun of playing themselves.

Me, because I started high school football, maybe football itself is fun I think. But as I always enjoy the football did not seem sincere.

Just do it and defeated a strong team and myself running just chasing the ball, such was doing football.

From go to Brazil, a high level, the pressure early, in such, the ball is taken, the ball will come around After the miss, honestly, Nantais think quite fun

The ball with his unpopular, decisions if you can not, football is fun. Without the technology, it is not truly enjoy the football.

Been fun, but each person's and children's chances from there goes on, I think the role of a leader and I'll take them in the direction of the most enjoyable football.

Once you play like Messi and Ronaldinho, it would be fun What is it really football. To learn more and be myself What does it do, What I want better.

What does that do a good thing, What does that do for fun, not supposed shake.


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