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AC Milan's Ibrahimovic "no longer an issue between the coach Guardiola will not" 

FW Milan's Zlatan Ibrahimovic 31 Swedish national paper "Italian Gazzetta dello Sport," in an interview, Showed his thoughts on former home in Barcelona decided to play in the Champions League group stage.

"Barcelona is the world's best teams. The idea is, even when the conversation even when you joined the club that has not changed at all before. However, a strong team Datte Milan, we are continuing to evolve. Now that we have reinforced the firm this summer, and hopes to be fit to force the new team.Barcelona are playing against a good test to say that we "

 Meanwhile, the coach Pep Guardiola Barcelona caused the conversation, sarcasm, "sage" to turn from the past have been derided as calmly assessed his ability.

"Between the coach Guardiola is no longer any problem. All the other thing too. Instead of looking back, would look at the present.He is a fantastic leader. There was a problem between us, when it's a different story. He has done a good job in Barcelona, ​​where I would like to concentrate on work, my "


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