"The money does not buy" Would you care to say and put out? Note that I say? -_Fabio Cannavaro_Italian _Dubai

"The money does not buy" Would you care to say and put out? Note that I say? -

 In the 2006 World Cup in Germany such as lead to win the Italian national team captain, world-class center back, 09 and DF Fabio Cannavaro,

Held a press conference at the headquarters of the Al Ahli Dubai belongs to, announced his retirement. Was reported that the temporary cancellation of players decided to release the same performance degradation due to Al Ahli, the club for Cannavaro、It offers a way as to remain as the technical staff after retirement.

"This is very sad. Football because it was all me, it was never easy in the decision. But unfortunately at that time had come, the situation must be overcome"

Cannavaro also explained that it was forced to retire due to a knee injury.

"Since the contract with the club for another year was left, after one season was going to play naturally. However, had the delicate problems of the left knee cartilage.

Found that more than a high level of intolerance to play, determined that they should retire, "Cannavaro had to take off, but Spike just spent one season in Al Ahli, continue to remain in the club will continue to work revealed that.

"And decided to finish working though, and I may still want to do here. Fortunately, the club has to offer me a job because of the technical staff, that I will receive a favor.


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