Real Madrid Kaka has vowed to remain "I hope you achieve success here"

Real Madrid Kaka has vowed to remain "I hope you achieve success here"

Real Madrid made it clear the remaining Kaka. "This win success," and revealed his hope

 Real Madrid are MF Kaka Jorunaru de Sao Paulo, Brazil] [country paper in an interview, denied reports that the well is considered to be released from the personnel director Jose Morinyo, made it clear the remaining teams.

"But reportedly did not need my supervision Morinyo, it is not true. From executives from him [our summer vacation to stay calm and hope to come back to the pre-season] was said.
Come out one after the press speculation, knew from previous experience. But I hope I can achieve success with Real Madrid last. Thus, I continue to play here in the future "
Kaka has also struggled with injuries this season turned around.

"As a team we can send a good season. To win the Spanish Cup after beating Barcelona and was able to advance to the semifinals in the Champions League. And went into second place in the league.For a club like Real Madrid is not enough, but not known, it is still not good grades. On the other hand, as an individual has become the most difficult season career.
Prolonged failure, I thought it was finally back in January, had been wounded again in March. After all, I just could not play because of the last two months "

「Some games can be played smoothly, there were not games. So I must take back the body to withstand the races. Hip arthritis is no longer a major problem.However, female knee twice put 100% state it never returns, care must always be the best "

 This season, but Kaka could not get a regular spot in the last minute that we compete with even the conditions to regain place.
"Could not get a chance to play constantly, this is my own problem, take command of the director (yes more information) and has nothing to do. Rather, the confidence of the coach thinks Morinyo obtained The.
Thus, for the new season, sent a pre-season without injured teammates and has hopes of opening welcome "

Finally Kaka spoke forcefully for the new season aspirations.

"I've picked up everything in my career. Hence, there is no need to prove anything now. But I am still a member of Real Madrid, the expectations from fans and media have not been.It is also the same expectations of themselves. So take back the highest level of play during Milan is a big challenge for me today.
Hashi Sono motivation needed to have enough hope to make things even more cod in the team. "


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