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Yesterday I watched the Champions League final.

Barcelona and Manchester United drawing card! It will be quite far to watch the whole game but it also did not enjoy this race.

Pujol bench like a bit of a shame. Xavi I'm going to cheer, but the first strike in 27 minutes early Pedro received a pass from Xavi and I thought GOAL ~.

The man U at the mercy of the fast, slick path Barcelona will become absolutely reliant on Rooney. Rooney equalized 34 minutes earlier that GOAL. No chance to make Man U.

Barcelona suddenly pass out from the stop position of the Messi, I can not read the signs of great players move as usual. 9 mins GOAL decided to light the second half. Villa's 24th minute second half to press on and GOAL!
Volley shot like this was very impressed. Barca were attacked nearly pulled the game like this. Rate of 63% dominate the ball? Barca Man U for 16-man shoots only 3 U of CK was also present.

Barca were always dominated for 90 minutes. There have been condensed to a football fun, just fun to watch, especially once that path! ! On the other hand, Man U but do not give up until the end was hard to Giggs, the team will defend the fullest.
Rooney is still only win. I was worried about the appointment Hernandez, work any guessed. He is still young. Of course, I would be alive now this experience, we were disappointed in the final.

This is a knee injury in the starting lineup was Puyol had to move around the pitch wearing the captain but also time remaining few minutes. Abidal good arrangement to give the award trophy.

Messi is expected, "Man of the Match" award, it was a brilliant performance from. Barça Messi as well, but this would be a lot of things that a strong secret other great players. Guardiola and great command of the director, yet to believe in evolution as a strong and overall the strongest team.

Anyway, the game was fun. Man U but I wanted to see the pride of a little, and now it is no balsa enemy. From a very good team.

Barcelona Vs Manchester United 3-1 David Villa Goal 28-05-2011


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