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Tottenham, I re-start approach to Forlán

 According to British media, it began to acquire the FW Uruguay's Diego Forlan Atletico Madrid Tottenham representative.
 Tottenham coach Harry Redknapp, the 2010 World Cup (Cup W) tournament after South Africa and Forlán and approaches to work in the winter transfer market this year seems to have rekindled a desire to acquire the same players come here.

 The background of the approach in re-Tottenham, "according to the negotiations with Galatasaray Atletico over the transfer of Forlán" that were reported to include. In addition, the president of Atletico, "the number one transfer target Forlán Hope Premier League" seems to have been revealed and also boosted.

British media, on noting that matches the goals of the project director and Forlán Redonappu, indicating the possibility that both clubs have started negotiations.Incidentally, the same player transfer fee of € 10 million (about 1.14 billion yen) are seen around.


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