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Agüero of Atletico, Juve transfer or settled in a few days

In Italy and decided to transfer a few days in Juventus Agüero has been reported.

 Italian paper, "Gazzetta dello Sport," said, seems determined to within a few days of FW transfer Juventus Atletico Madrid Sergio Aguero of Argentina.

Both clubs have plans to have talks next Tuesday, could be determined by the transfer of this Agüero on the spot.

 Juventus have been reinforced with a clear priority in the acquisition of Agüero now is € 35 million to acquire the same player (£ 40 390 million) is said to be willing to pay,Atletico So far, 45 million euros has been set up as a contract termination penalty for the same player (about 52 860 million yen), and requests, and there are significant differences between the two.

 However, "Gazzetta", according to Atletico will soften the attitude we came here, 40 million euros (4.6 billion 70 million yen) that show the position to negotiate with. Juventus are already 750 million euro annual salary (about 880 million yen) is said to have installed a transfer agreement from the person in Agüero, before moving to acquire other players and clubs such as Chelsea, this transfer as soon as possible Matometai seem to think the story.

Meanwhile, as Atletico as a means of bridging the difference between the two amounts, could come to demand a trade of players transfer conditions.


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