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Manchester United and Real in the first place with three straight wins is a good starting question.

Each European soccer leagues (22 to 28), England 8-2 to Arsenal against Manchester United Palace Emblem of two consecutive targeting, took the lead in the opening three straight wins.

Tottenham defeated Manchester City also, by goal difference in second place with unbeaten in three races.

 Strike delayed the opening under the influence of Spain was in the 6-0 victory at Zaragoza he scored three goals for Real Madrid's Ronaldo aiming to win for the first time in four quarters.

Third consecutive victory in Barcelona will face Villarreal on March 29.

 Germany will win 3-0 in Kaiserslautern Bayern Munich hat-trick of Takashi Usami Gomez, took the lead with nine points.

Schalke Atsuto Uchida second in the points chase the same.

 Twente Netherlands kicked off four straight wins. France from opening winning streak was stopped at 3 Montpellier.


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