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Barcelona is certainly strong. Barcelona win games, but this season because there was not need to think about what has gone wrong. Man U first half reached the half-time is catching up,

That is bad, it will not think anyone should have been. Man U has also been beaten no matter how their football was unconstitutional. At the time of adopting the tactics of the measures was a moving second round. Also things like the Messi speed, even though much faster than I did in Barcelona as if the season was addicted to surgery in Barcelona path connecting clean. And weak physical defense is not any reason strong,It's a team that won the only attack that just need to put pressure on the offensive. Was finally agreed Mourinho's defensive tactics. In order to avoid the attack, have to fight with emphasis on defense, not offense.

Best defense is attack. I was too eager for the defeat. Honestly, something happens, Intel's decision in the semi-Giuseppe Meatsutsa last game was most impressed by an equal footing with balsa. It was a complete victory for Inter Victory because he was the first time in decades. Barcelona future measures, such as in football like Real Madrid crushed pressing too boring. What to say, and on 90 minutes when the press turned over only that path will be difficult.

 Uncharted territory for Barcelona, ​​the team might stick to their same style? Specifically, from the press over the defensive line, such as ultra-aggressive on defense showed against Arsenal and Barcelona, ​​Copenhagen,Possession is a way to compete in the possession before the middle of absolutely do not face it. I like playing in front begins multiplied by the press throughout the front is not much of Barcelona.But this is a very pressing, as demon strength Arsenal 1st but will continue as plain as practiced throughout the leg press and the momentum is needed.Another is the way to solidify Pressing the vital in crushing defense led by defensive over Real Madrid but Mourinho showed the familiar every time. I wanted to personally offensive to defensive as well as ultra-Arsenal

Barca's first and the first half, I think there might be functional enough. Barcelona has two and measures for now this did not feel that other tactics have been developed to man mark specific player.

Barcelona whether any measures to develop the future will be the trend of football.・ ・ ・ Barca's most troubled mind or even what Arsenal.

Arsenal FC 2-1 FC Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Highlights 16/02/2011

これからどんなバルセロナ対策を開発するかが、サッカー界のトレンドになるだろう。 ・・・何気に一番バルサを苦しめたのはアーセナルだったりする。

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