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Behind the soccer club like this for a long time I think the presence of large absolute Ferguson. Not special like Sir Alex Ferguson as manager is not, I have to say his team and make love. (Team-building, tactics, both.)

And there is no veteran presence to rely on the Milan And there is no bias in the development of young players such as Arsenal, veteran, mid-perfect balance of young configuration is a good balance. (I would say.)

Even belong to and no matter how talented, team-building, such as not to rely absolutely on the presence of the players. Shows the players that have the ability because it mistakenly gave prominent treatment rather unforgiving, So give up on players wake up without mercy. (The way this area is likely to vote wheels.)

To have a good feeling than anything else, is always given a chance against any player, they can feel it from the outside. Young, after joining the new force,Never used in situations where any player would feel like my only never had been rooting for this club since I was a junior high school. It may be that what can a say, because they have a solid team building from the ground maybe. (Why not use the player himself wanted.)

That said, there is what is the result of foresight and firm belief. When to be hired during the season the players have been featured in the news said. Hernandez grabbed the chance is, other players came out of the grip, as directed, professionally I think positive. Berbatov may be a bit obscure, and there were waves left and although the result is obvious because no one in the eyes, a player may be difficult to calculate and think through the season. It drives out all ... luxury. I intending to organize the Premier took the key players in spite of this year, it would not be enough, make no mistake that if you run Ferguson would think.

Cantona, Véron, Beckham, Nisuteruroi Ronaldo, left the club, they still shine is not lost.But times change, so be sure what will happen after the United Ferguson, I think that everyone in the mood.

I, and they continue to support where I'm sure yours falls into two parts to this surge of love


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