Historic victory to Arsenal Manchester United, Rooney hat-trick

Historic victory to Arsenal Manchester United, Rooney hat-trick

Man U is Rooney (10th) took a hat-trick eight goals, such as, containing historic victory to Arsenal

 Section 3 Premier League was held on May 28, Manchester United (Man U) vs. Arsenal game is to defeat Arsenal 8-2 in the Man U goal rush home, Adorned the third straight season, along with Manchester City. Rooney for Man U in this game and decided to PK FK two, a hat trick.

In addition, Ryo Miyaichi Arsenal in his right foot discomfort, the members were not convened.

 Throughout the Man U, showed an overwhelming force was a game. Man U in turn created the opportunity take the shine off Arsenal's path from the beginning, the score an opening goal on 22 minutes Welbeck's current top form.

Get a chance to tie the PK to get even 26 minutes Arsenal, Robin van Persie's shot is blocked by GK Dehea.

Then 28 minutes after that, Man U will take the second point and decided to shoot bright young middle, and as early as 3-0 with goals from Rooney from 42 minutes to FK.

It returns a point in the first half injury time goal for Walcott to Arsenal is also celebrating a half-time leave of inferiority.

 Arsenal has begun the second half but gradually regain the rhythm of the attack, killing a chance to continue playing with Arshavin, not give extra points.

Man U Conversely, when determining a match 4-1 as Rooney scored a goal 64 minutes from the FK again, from where they finish the show. What 67 minutes, Man U goal superimposed alternating sung to 70 minutes of play,

When a hat trick in the 87th minute Rooney PK decided to mark the first eight points in the middle kept the young shoots of injury time to.

Arsenal is a one-point drop in the bucket, but returned 75 minutes Van Persie, it suffered a humiliating 2-8 defeat against Man U.


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