Wenger's Arsenal, "Fabregas will remain in the team."

Wenger's Arsenal, "Fabregas will remain in the team."

"Arsenal remain in the future," Wenger and Cesc vow to residual

 Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas, but rumors are just around the corner and moved to Barcelona, ​​British newspaper The Sun [newspaper] and said, Arsene Wenger of Arsenal seems to be the team remains confident Fabregas.

"Spanish media are reporting that as if it is decided though that the transfer of Cesc, Fabregas played for Arsenal has always made for many years now staying here"

Wenger also showed a view of calming and Fabregas at the end of the story moved this summer.

"Next year, UEFA (Union of European Football) of" financial fair play "(Toward a healthy management of public financial management system established by UEFA club), if introduced, would be a huge transfer limit.Transfer market for the last year "hot summer" that would "

 Meanwhile Wenger, Manchester United (Man U) revealed that it is going to do everything Samir Nasri also said that detention is trying to earn. -

"We're going to keep the team in full force Nasri. I will continue to believe that they want him to play here.Looking back on the past, we've brought the players over the long years. However, there is still much work to do. Careers of players to the club is simply "

But Arshavin will be easily transferred? Still "Emperor of Russia", which is want to watch Arsenal play at.


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