Members gathered luxurious retirement match of the Dutch national Edwin van der Sar GK's yuan

Members gathered luxurious retirement match of the Dutch national Edwin van der Sar GK's yuan

 Three days of GK Edwin van der Sar the Dutch national retirement match the original 50,000 spectators gathered at the Amsterdam Arena, was held in grand style.

 The first game coach Louis van Gaal led "Ajax '95", led by coach Guus Hiddink for "1998 Dutch national."

'95 But what was absent Ritomanen Ajax, Van, Raitsuiha over, Blind, Rijkaard, Frank De Boolean, Davids, Ronald de boolean ,DiGeorge Fini, Kuraifato, canoeing, luxury starting lineup of King Ferdinand Mars. Bergkamp, ​​Yonku, Zenden, nothingness, in half 15 minutes into the fight against the 1998 Dutch national Hoey takes from Don Juan, A late 1-0 win at the final point is determined from a stunning overhead shot dribble Fell Mars.

 The second game against Ajax, "Dream Team" Battle of. Dream Team coach Ferguson. Starters is a van, Gary Neville, Ferdinand, vidic,Van Bronckhorst, Carrick, Giggs, kite, Zenden, Saha, Rooney lineup it. Match made in half for about 30 minutes, start moving left in the second half 0-0, one minute late,

Saha took the lead in the Dream Team's first goal. Ajax dominated the match 12 minutes late, caught in the rebound 1-1 Burihita determined that the right middle repelled the post Rodney Sneijder shot.

Since then 14 minutes, 16 minutes, 18 minutes I can hardly decide Ajax have made a chance. Has unleashed a shot 20 minutes into sharp Burihita did not allow a fly to right go-ahead goal firmly Edwin van der Sar.

 Dream Team but had been pressed, 21 minutes late, 2-1 by scoring a goal from Bergkamp is the final one-two with Rooney. Blow the whistle to stop the match referee in 23 minutes, the van moved to the retirement ceremony.

 The highlight game of PK and van son Joe. PK van was stopped her son flew to the right light.

 Finally, in the family van to go around the stadium, Aurora Vision 1995 Champions League with the faces of family members (CL) vs. AC Milan Ajax finals World Cup 1998 (Cup W) vs. Netherlands, Argentina, and Brazil was shed for a short video of the Netherlands. I was impressed that it was staring into the young Ajax players.

 Thus victory at CL2, retirement match of 130 games played for the Dutch national van ended. The new season of the Dutch TV station "NOS" and serve it.

"It was almost like a school reunion." Edwin van der Sar was playing with the old players will retire after the bout, said.


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