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FC Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 1 -1 | Adios Real Madrid| Champions League 03\05\2011

Barcelona, ​​R · Madrid CL finals and draw

Champions League semi-finals held on October 3 2nd leg, Barcelona's 1-1 draw with Real Madrid, 3-1, two games total in the finals decided.
Rainy game is held at the Camp Nou against Jose Mourinho a hollow Madrid, Barcelona dominated the ball Again, GK Casillas in the first half of a fine piece of play was reduced to 0 points.

Madrid immediately after the second half, Higuain has swayed the net starting this game, as Ronaldo was fouled on the previous play, the referee showed no de Burikeru goal. Reached 54 minutes and decided to finish in the top right corner to the left Pedro thru exits a superb return from injury Iniesta, Barcelona will open the scoring. Madrid 10 minutes later, the Di Maria Lateral pass that bounced off the left post to hit their shots, but Marcelo push catch this, the three-point shooting was barely in this one.
Classico 18 in four days, but it ended in a win over two fifths of one minute, while that of the King's Cup in hand Real Madrid, Barcelona win the league almost decided. Decided to CL finals for the first time in two seasons. Manchester United win the final it rises, will meet together as two years ago.The 90 minutes instead of Puyol, Abidal, who returned from surgery to remove the appearance of liver tumors. After the game, there was also a return to the scene to celebrate the lifting Abidal teammates.


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