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Barcelona - Manchester United | Champions League Final 2010/2011

Cruyff "Messi of Barcelona is undeniable addiction

Barcelona legend, Johan Cruyff has said, an interview with Spanish , ahead of the Champions League day 28 (CL) is talking about race.

Cruyff has said, "Barcelona are a few selection of top quality players," I called. In contrast, "Manchester United, Rooney was one," the quality of players to capture the title with Barcelona, ​​said on Wednesday showed.

However, he said, "Barcelona, ​​Messi may fall into addiction. It would be undeniable," and may be ill advised, but the abilities of the players. Barça dominated amid voices, sees the weakness of balsa.

The "United is a minute away is a strong one, the team can compete in power. They, I'm not so dependent on Wayne Rooney," insists that United and advantages.

Cruyff also said that United's Alex Ferguson, begging to be touched advice Real Madrid José Mourinho, "I do not think the wrong choice.

Mourinho, I'll have five times this season playing against Barca, "did not seem to us through the exchange of information to the intention and the coach.

Messi was a misfire in this game, the state is bad, but not the power to break through the narrow aspect of this period came to be still declining. Villa or question. Can not help but feel like no noticeable play a lot of confidence. So did the previous section, but decided not to decide this on the scene, do you play led to this lack of confidence. For this man to make the team in scoring before the final two games, well let them decide, -The Villa Villa would be a threat as a united. Determines also won La Liga Serie putty is also encoded, the remaining premium. Also decided to substantially, now fighting the residual of the fun I will qualify for the European soccer game.


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