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Not satisfied with the season, Juventus next season that will remain Buffon Italian national guardian. The endless transfer rumors he is referring to rumors of a director or substituted Deruneri Mercato.

Lunch and dumped the topic of Real and Juve officials, "Cristiano Ronaldo will come? - I knew he went to negotiate (joke). If true, would be great Juve.Reconstruction and reinforcement person team anyway, it's important to have clear ideas. We desire a transfer to Juve I welcome "
"Wasted many chances, a disappointing season in terms of ranking the league. But pull themselves in two games last not. After two years of negative like this, I'm of course. Myself here to remain, like last season will not be "

"Gattuso turmoil? - All for the rapture happened in the Fiesta. But I know my Rino. He will understand what I did. Deruneri coach? - It is not because of the coach.Mazzarri (Director of Naples) and the Villas Boas (Porto coach) rumors? - Deruneri have to oversee the pitch. So OK "

Fernando Gago to Real Madrid, Serie A club interested in rumors. But his agent, Vekic has denied any negotiations with Roma and Juventus. "Real have not officially announced anything yet. We are Juve and Roma, I did not touch anyone. Currently, there is no any scheduled meeting. To wait for a decision the club, say anything until then. Unfortunately, the injury was season "
●Baggio best in the world of current and past football players, mentioning the topic of Messi. Pele or Maradona, Messi and the recent controversy had outstanding soccer players and a comparison of the past. "Why did you need to compare. Everyone has their own characteristics. Without football players do not. If we're not football here. PK World Cup failure? - It very tough. But never go away, I will continue my life "


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