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Manchester United vs FC Schalke 04 (4-1) Goals & Full Highlights (04/05/2011)

Champions League semi-finals held on October 4 2nd leg, match of Manchester United vs Schalke won 4-1 by United in-one.As a result, total 2 matches 6-1 by United topped the round as it was decided to play against Barcelona in the final.
1st leg 2-0 win over United that is to refrain from direct confrontation with the Premier League title is Chelsea hang on the weekend, members changed significantly. Rooney and Ferdinand are also entering the bench Viditchi and Evra, Giggs, Hernandez and the bench, came to the game to preserve the core.
Against Schalke is appointed as head of the Raul 1. Farfán, Fullard, Baumuyohan was appointed to the thick middle Draksler simultaneously. 8 minutes but Schalke Farfan has hit the middle, Raul does not work and a top can not create a chance. -

26 minutes of the game has moved. United take preemptive point. Back to intercept a pass in midfield partner, superb through pass from Gibson, GK dominate Valencia 1:1 and calmly Noia. United is now, even after five minutes, but last throw-strong middle Gibson, playing the hand shake Noia net.
The total score becomes 0-4, or even loose gas united defense, successfully Schalke 35 minutes to return a point. Sent a cross from the right side that played full Uchida, Raul has competed at the center of a loose ball,Fullard is a strong finish in the shot. Schalke, but after allowing a goal-scoring opportunity in Valencia, where the defenders are blocked somehow. The first half finished one point behind.
Rangnick will introduce director Eduardo Baumuyohan head instead of the second half. Raúl made to vertical relationships. This rise is working, and put the chance to make close, 70 minutes Directed Rangnick,Take a trick, who returned to appoint down the Hevedesu Funteraru

But here stop attack will destroy the United Schalke. Smalling goal of 71 minutes, although there was no offside in, take the decisive third point after one minute. Anderson has sent a cross from Nani counter, but once they were stopped Uchida, Anderson poured himself a loose ball. United is also 76 minutes, Berbatov reacted wrap-thru, Anderson is infused with bad press again.
Barcelona coach Guardiola in front of the spectator stand, while preserving a large number of major United picked up a ticket to the final four goals to steal a large amount.In the final at Wembley on 28 and 0-aim for revenge and defeated two years ago, two.


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