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I athletes earning football player ! ?


・田中マルクス闘莉王 推定1億5千万円(2011)
・中村俊輔 推定1億4千万円(2011)
・遠藤保仁 推定1億3千万円(2011)


・C · Ronaldo Estimated 17 billion yen ( 2010 -)
・Lionel Messi Estimated 13 110 million yen (2010 -)
・Kaka Estimated 12 billion (2009)

Japan and abroad are significant differences out of money. About 10 times ... I have different. Incidentally, the soccer current Japan coach Zakkeroni 200 million yen salary. Mourinho said that Real Madrid coach in the world do it a 1.1 billion yen. I'm running great amount of money directed at this world ....

I wrote to the incomes of superstars, even those I'm writing, "one hundred million," "one hundred million," "one hundred million" is now just a strange feeling.

Well, the sports season has arrived in earnest Once warm.

The stars who emerged this high salary, whether he will for money to the people we see in perspective a common saying is not it? Sure ... I can enjoy that?

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