Real _Barca _tournament finals _CL semi-final second leg_FC Barcelona_​​Man U_Schalke _Messi _Carvalho _Xabi _Adebayor _Higuain _Cristiano Ronaldo_Casillas _Iniesta _Classico

Barcelona vs Real Madrid 1 0 goal Pedro brilliant assist Iniesta!

Real and Barca draw that determines the tournament finals for the first time 2 ... CL semi-final second leg

The final opponent in this FC Barcelona, ​​Man U is either I or Schalke 04.As far as I felt the image digest is meant they had very thorough effort to reduce the area Messi Barça Real Carvalho and Xabi Alonso.Adebayor is scary ... check out the looks of the red sometime pretty soon you come to destroy you because there are severe physical performance?

Playing in front of goal was canceled Higuain It seems like the controversy. After achieving a superb pass through Cristiano Ronaldo, fell to Piquet and interlaced.In its aftermath seems to have taken a foul Mascherano Ronaldo beat that, I wonder how?Well, it might have been able to catch up to the place of the defense ... Higuain.

Real Barca exposed to repeated attacks of Casillas GK, I expected a big success in saving. Would be hard to keep the pitch was wet from rain.Through path is amazing and made the final point of Pedro Iniesta Anyway. It was extraordinary to have reached Pedro sock yarn to pass through a needle like.Classico four races was large and inexplicable decision struggle, I felt good to see a heated battle Somehow.


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