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Pierluigi Collina 【2002 FIFA World Cup】

Catania, a no-win record vacates enemy territory

Serie A, in order to determine the residual early Morimoto Takayuki Catania is a member of the player, you have to do it . Fiorentina know well the team is former Director Mihajlovic.Simeone coach predicts tough match.

Maxi Lopez also tuned FW. "Even if a wrong step, the Fiorentina team that has a great talent. Gilardino and Mutu especially good that there are FW. In so far away, Catania are not getting desired result.This trend must change. The rankings help emerging victorious. May be a draw "

●Uefa chief referee Collina will referee yuan, an increase of the goals determined by the judge on the highest level 2012 euros, said help reduce mistakes.
"Five reviews of the referees put the Euro 2012, Platini had better win this idea before. Would be fewer mistakes in hearing more. CL game in the league and Europe. From left to right under the basket but the referee, I was right would be better. Maybe it will be the euro "

●Italy Russa La Defense, the mention of Inter's support against Genoa. "Both teams have good relations, Milito, Thiago Motta and I led the acquisition Ranocchia.The Ranocchia, Samuel and decided that can not be returned after the season important for the defense really. Italy top the next 10 years will be DF. Kharja also think our midfield won Ino Makoto.Genoa is a very powerful and unpredictable. Would not be a simple game.


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