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Man U the most dominate big, significant advances victory

In determining the championship game of the Premier League, was held on October 8 Manchester United vs Chelsea, Man U are 2-1, won the first place.Man was leading by three points to win the U and almost certain to win this one over Chelsea was too painful.
The game has moved only 40 seconds to start. Time period was too early to expect anyone to shake the net to calm down the path of Park Ji-Sung had Hernandez, the Man U took the lead.Man U is squeezed for a two-point lead expanded to a header 23 minutes Viditchi, Hauling win approach.

Entering the second half, the head turned away from the cross Ivanovic Chelsea Ramirez also 69 minutes, finally returning to a point determined Lampard. But Man U will not allow any more to fight back, firmly on the remaining time to digest a 2-win.

Once interesting twist to make deployments more attacks Lampard. We are taking away points, too few such scenes too. United vigilance was the rise of physical attack on Lampard Drogba's dynamic.Perhaps it is a sealed, Chelsea did not have to have more confidence in their weapons. To enjoy the premium end, wanted to work hard here, but Chelsea also reached their wishes.



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Manchester U J · Hernandez, Viditchi
Chelsea Lampard

Manchester United 2-1 Chelsea 2011 Promo


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