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Lionel Messi of Barcelona is said to have been the best player in the world now seems a bit of trouble caused.

 Three soccer consecutive championships in Barcelona 11th league match against Levante, the party continues to back up the plane, starting with a champagne toast, flight immediately caused a sensation.

 Messi is also preparing to join the excitement, I started hitting the wall, hit the wall instead of the emergency exit. Messi struck the area off away, but hurry back to the original, a flight attendant is aware, the announcement had been admonished so quiet.Messi had a boyish face uneasy teacher became angry. Remove the mesh was too little wind. Football the world's best players, only scratched the day seems cold sweat.

Pep outraged at this level Kawaige even if not careful. (The Pep, champagne toast voice chairman fuss?)

★Abidal "outlook on life has changed"

"It has changed outlook on life. What was previously thought great, but it was not consider. And all of the car so I sold it,"

Wednesday, Eric Abidal at a press conference before the training, after liver tumor resection survived, said life had changed greatly. "When I am troubled as the car I'm good for nothing. So I sold the car, along with several associations to have, we'll fight the disease We spend money "

"I thought the play was also not go back. But it was a very short time, the tumor was found when considering the worst case scenario, it was also asked their doctor first. But so many The people I've been fighting the disease.

When visiting the hospital for sick children, our children will say that I've repeated myself. The most important thing is family, like I'm fighting to the end "


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