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Andrei Arshavin Goals (Euro 2008)

stoke city 1 - 3 arsenal goal 27 02 2010 Danny Pugh Nicklas Bendtner Cesc Fabregas Thomas Vermaelen

Arsenal, beaten in the war in Stoke.

 Man U beat the previous section, the united front led to Arsenal winning one in the neck skin. In an interview before the game coach five percent chance of winning, but I said, in which Stoke won 1-3 with the possibility of defeat and disappeared.Our very deaf, Arsenal. But Arsenal has always played well when this game come out a loser.
 Against Man U in the previous section, the absence of Cesc hurriedly crossed Wilshire, the combination of Ramsey was unexpected, to function. Arshavin played a starter function for the second half of the previous section in this combination.Nasri and Clichy is also injured, Gibbs left SB in the starting lineup. Clichy was just strong, their absence may hurt.

Attack will turn the path from the beginning the overwhelming Arsenal. 1 minute, dribbling a shot from Arshavin cross Wilshire. 6 minutes to Robin van Persie has a shot from the Ramsey-thru of the song.

 But Stoke's intense press tight. Aim to consolidate the block completely counter defense. This is going to Arsenal and attack from the left side duo of Arshavin and Gibbs, put in easily.Arshavin is the inside, pass the path from Wilshire. Walcott on the right side are useless without a space, enter the path from Ramsey.

Arsenal rout. And the war season. Followed by the same football every year, finished with the same result. This year's revival Roshitsuki and Ramsey, Robin Van Persie favorable, Nasri, Walcott partly growth,I think that was showing a football better than last season, against teams like Stoke Fighter faction of the day eventually comes to pack the defense has struggled to win points off the end.Have decided that the helm next season Wenger. So how come the next season in the face of what. I think that some measures are necessary, what you do.


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