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Gerard Piqué, Cristiano Ronaldo's nightmare (10.04.2010) Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona

Gods only knows football

Ferdinand: "Even though Manchester United remain Piquet ..."

DF Rio Ferdinand Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​once belonged to the United DF Gerard Pique If the residual, if he had the like right now we seem to understand.

The picketing was to join United in 2004, great success can not, four years later he moved to Barcelona. But after Blake. Champions League (CL), including the championship has grown into a major contribution to winning numerous titles.

While Ferdinand Pique appreciate the power of whether the player was successful in English football said sure.

"Piquet is a talent that everyone knew. But English football is different. If he played for United, which asked him whether they like it, I'm sure he [know] would say "

"Got a chance. He went to Spain. And won the trophy in Barcelona, ​​and is doing fantastic. So, you have to evaluate him."

United and Barcelona will play soccer in the final of the day 28 CL. FW Lionel Messi Barcelona for Ferdinand, it is impossible to stop one person said you need to stop Messi as a team.

"Do not be stopped in one way mesh. I have to do as a team.

The team that played well against Barcelona, ​​had always played well as a unit. Defend as a team, then I have a chance "


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