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Serie A final section is done on June 22, capped a satisfying season for the second goal this season has raised capital for Inter Nagatomo .

Catania against Intel, the dominant forward play from the beginning, two points lead in the Pattsuini Doppietta. Reached 63 minutes, shaking the right leg Without receiving a pass and ran up the right side Nagatomo ally, swayed the net like a charm. Intel will win the match 3-1. On August 29, facing the Coppa Italia final. The Catania Morimoto Despite the bench did not turn.

In addition, the winning Milan Udinese goalless. Napoli vs Juventus 2-2, also ended in a draw.

The final points, but Milan are No.1 82,2 76,3 Intel ranked No. 70 in Naples. Di Natale was the top scorer award with 28 points.

Italian First Division soccer league (Serie A) October 22,> make the final race in this region has a Japanese representative to the Inter Milan DF exciting right foot shot 18 minutes later in the home against Catania Nagatomo, season 2 marked the first point.

It was a brilliant performance to finish it! Unfortunately, Intel is me I'm grown up, but ended in second place reliably, Nagatomo is the season finale, I will decide on the right side starting with a goal yet, Finished the season would be leaving a good impression of the top teams as well. And high expectations for the future Messi increases .


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