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Sir Alex Ferguson soccer textbook

Top yoke with two calls, Giggs left SH, and SH Beckham to the right, double, Scholes and Roy Keane volante, the impact of this time was the best team in person.York and I can make a call originating in a combination of not just individual strength, was also scoring. Giggs on the left center and scored from the break dribble, cross and long Beckham on the right feed unparalleled accuracy.Scholes and Roy Keane have both momentum, we were able to take a while before doing the score up to the defense.

If anything was a personal best for this team because of the impact, because it was all perfect team. The point is the fabric to the top two starting combination, it puts a different type of player to the side ,"4-4-2" "4-3-3," "3-4-1-2", had in a game of ever-changing balance between keeping the double, the two volante had a high potential for both balanced, it is three.

The team at this time that even now, football has become a textbook in my system stronger in Lippi at Juventus, W Brazil World Cup meeting in America, W France, the French national cup competitions, Then, W represent Spain at the World Cup tournament in South Africa, along with a team of four, are in me, as a form has been completed based on one team. And, in common with the three points I mentioned above.Style, the type of player, although it may differ slightly depending on what has become the elements are considered to be the same.

Man U is from there, call, York, Beckham, Roy Keane, left, and Rooney, C · Ronaldo, Nani, named after the next, Park Ji-Sung, Berbatov, along with some players that, on the other hand, Scholes went to change the register from the dynamo types of play, C · Ronaldo left the team. One piece went missing from one perfect team, the players went through a little fault, or change,But Ferguson is cleverly taking advantage of individual weapons, but has maintained a strong team in combination. There was a team that for perfect balance and when there is at that time, when there are changes to accept,Theory was perfect as a team with one team always ends meet while keeping the intensity on its base that it will be Ferguson's ability to learn very much. Ferguson is in his Perfect style is not the only,But soccer、Style can be a starting point for all of us to continue to see a textbook always true football. Precisely the origin of football. What a team and a strong team like? Strong team defense and what the theory, Hired in any position players on how best to do any combination, from Ferguson's football - they are always things to learn, and let me check again. Furthermore, the use of young and veteran, make a decision at game time and not apply, where there is pretty clear, tell me plainly. If we believe that people now know more about football, if As its starting point, Manchester United, namely, Sir Alex Ferguson, I highly recommend it to the bone to try to explore its football. There is a model for soccer, football has a true textbook,Theory and unwavering, to changes in methods derived from it, you can learn most of it. Has also worked out on the theory of surprise is always reminded that it is a source of strength.

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