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Uchida, as well as the finals

European Soccer Champions League (CL) is 04, made the second game of a semifinal match in Manchester, home of Manchester United (England) played two seasons for the first time finalists. Japan national team 4-1 in Utida Atsuto DF (23) belongs to Schalke (Germany), down a total of 6-1 and game two. Barcelona in the finals of 28 (Spain) to play against.
 The first game was March 26 2-0 win at Man U, has also declined to 08 in the league with Chelsea, will preserve the core of this game. Meanwhile, the Schalke game in difficult circumstances need to be started at least two points.
 Man U showed composure from the beginning is infused with preemptive counterattack right-foot shot 26 minutes from the Valencia half. Right from the throw-in 31 minutes, according to a second goal took his right foot near the front of the goal Gibson.
 Schalke 35 minutes, the chance to make the starting lineup in a wing cross was right Uchida, and returned to a point shot from the left foot goal Fullard exciting, back to Man U 2-1 lead in the first half or.
 The second half of Man U's offensive continued, the speedy right wing broke in 27 minutes, the third point that Anderson had screwed a left-footed shot the ball in front of goal. Anderson scored a goal and making doubly sure that even after four minutes with a 4-1.
 After all, a total of two races 6-1 Man U victory at the European challenge to win the fourth time in 28 finals. CL Schalke club blocked the first-ever finals and missed the final table was played Uchida, Japan's first full well.


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